Xiaomi Mi Watch global! – Full walkthrough review [xiaomify]

Finally! The Mi watch global is here… But is it any good? Let’s find out!

I have been using Xiaomi’s global version of the Mi Watch over the last few weeks, and I have also used the Chinese versions of their watches. And they are actually quite good. I like the Amoled display; they’re bright and sharp. The finish and feel of the watch are also very nice, making the Mi watch feel nicely built.

The Mi watch global is really focused on sports tracking, in a similar way as the Mi Band series, but it has a better experience and a slicker design.


  1. The Xiaomi watch is expected to be launched somewhere in the next week(s) but I don't know the exact date. What do you think of the Mi Watch? -Is it something you were waiting to pick up?
    Two things I do want to point out is that the sports tracker had slightly changed in between doing my VoiceOver and filming the shots of the tracking. -They're minimal changes but wanted to point it out. They might change this (or add more tracking options) with future firmware updates again; who knows!
    Also, keep in mind that Xiaomi has launched several Mi watches in China already. If you were planning to buy the Mi Watch from China through the international resellers then know that you can only pair those with the server setting in the Xiaomi Wear APP set to China Mainland. The Chinese version does have all the language options (many languages available) like the global version, but it won't pair if you have set your location setting to Europe, for example. In terms of functionality, these are as good as similar, but I did want to point it out as some of you might want to know this 🙂
    I am considering doing a little video to compare the 3 various editions of the Xiaomi watch in China and point out the differences between the global and China mainland versions.. -Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing that!

  2. According to mine I am exhausted almost every day (zero energy) from mid-day, sometimes even from morning, til night. Should I be concerned? Or are the measurements just wrong?

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