Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Cat | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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  1. Aww Thank you for saving him! Hes so super cute =) and he loves you im sure hes grateful… People are jerks, I cant believe that they just left him there…

  2. Love stories with a happy ending. Good on the new owners. Also giving up there washing room for rolo was sooo sweet loyal and humble. Bless you guys forever

  3. Had a friend who was in an abusive relationship, and loved her cats more than anything! She lost them because he wouldn't let her take care of them. When she tried, he would beat her for spending money on them! She now says that given the choice today, she would have chosen the cats. She regrets the decision she made back then, and has a cat that is 16 and well taken care of. I understand your comment, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. It breaks her heart to this day!

  4. I just lost my kitty Astrid who had lived with me for my entire adult life to liver disease. She never left the house for more than a day, through all her years the most loyal and faithful and loving. She made the house a home. It feels like losing a little sister. To see these subhuman fiends commit such betrayal, it breaks my heart. They should pay in blood, for there's no other fitting punishment for betrayal than a length of rope or a firing squad. Governments talk about "threats to society" to justify jailing people who post opinions they don't like online, yet let these beasts free. There should be justice.

    Thanks to the couple that took in this kitty and saved him, sincerely.

  5. His owners are so bad and I can't even imagine how can anyone abandone a cute cat like him 😍 😭 he is soo beautifully and I love this lady who adopted him ❤ its so heart-warming ❤ 😍 💖

  6. God bless you for adopting this little angel. How can anyone abondan an animal like this? I really cannot understand human beings, they don't think that animals have feelings too? I am glad that Rolo is doing fine and found a beautiful family to love him. Thank you so much.❤❤❤❤

  7. i adopted my cat from a family that fostered cats and dogs for a shelter and when they found him he was already spayed so that means he was abandoned. the foster family had him for 2 weeks before I got him and he was still so skinny and underfed. the foster family said that the woman that found him said she had been seeing him for 5 months (during the winter and it can be like -20c where I live) but could never get close to him because he was so scared and there weren't any shelters in her area that she could call to get some help. she finally was able to get near him and gain his trust and drove to a shelter (3h from where she lived) to drop him off because his son was extremely allergic to cats and so she couldn't keep him. they found a micro chip in the cat telling who the owners are and they contacted the owners thinking maybe the cat just escaped and the owners just said: no we just couldn't keep him anymore because we got a new and younger cat and they didn't get along… I was so mad when I learned this. they could've at least brought him to a shelter or given him away to a friend or a family member or just not get a new cat. And I now have two cats and they get along very well, it just took some time for him to adapt himself and be comfortable with the new cat, but no more than 2 weeks. Also, he goes outside and hangs out with the neighbours' cats

  8. how could someone just leave their pet of 2 years just like that? to me that is the most evil thing a person can do.

  9. This kind lady has a very unique cute voice. She has such a big heart and her partner too. Blessing to you and your family…4 legged included. God bless you all. 💕 And kisses 😘😘

  10. I wish ppl would stop abandoning their pets. They have feelings! I have 6 cats, and I would never abandon them. Even if the place we were moving to —if we moved—I would take our cats.

  11. I hope you called and turned them in. It's illegal to abandon a animal. I wish all people would turn in a neighbor that abandon there pets. It doesn't matter if you were once friends. Do you really want that kind of person in your life. Please call and turn in any neighbor that leaves behind a family pet.

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