Why this $70 Watch Has a Cult Following – Vostok Amphibia History & Review

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In the world of truly affordable watches, Vostok is a name every enthusiast knows, with the Russian-made Amphibia standing out as perhaps the least expensive legitimate automatic dive watch on the market at around $70 at full retail. In this video, we’ll do a deep dive into the Vostok Amphibia’s history while also reviewing a classic example of this inexpensive dive watch to paint a picture of how this watch became the cult classic it is today.

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  1. All Vostok and Komandirskie watches are getting banned in EU to stop budgeting russian budget – army spendings. More and more retailers annouce it every day.

  2. I thought I was going to hate the metal bracelet when I got it with my amphibia. I wasn't wrong I do hate it, way too shiny and it's hollow pretty much throughout. But honestly, it's the most comfortable band I've ever worn.

    I love my Vostoks, great watches

  3. Seeing the Chistopol' factory get that much recognition among watch enthusiasts around the world makes me so proud of my fellow Russians. And a proud Scuba Dude owner 😀 Great content, Teddy!

  4. God forbid we ever get a magnetic pulse type deal that knocks out everything electronically,,,if they ever do(and again God forbid)these cheap wind up watches will be the greatest thing ever. I think everyone should have at least one lock that winds up maybe two even if it’s a cheap alarm clock put away in the side drawer somewhere and at least one or two wind up watches that have some degree of reliability.

  5. Appreciated the manner you were observing this watches, I didn't really knew myself what attracted me in them, they're fun! A have one with a sail boat. And there is a great many ways to mode them also. You can even buy watch case with sapphire crystal, if you want to make them more serious, but they are fun from the box anyway, the in-house made movement is good and reliable and all this for 70$! Thanks, watching your videos is like wearing these watches great fun!

  6. Hi Teddy, great review, so good that I have ordered the same Vostock myself, I also love it with the Grey NATO strap you selected, can you confirm it's a Rado on your website, thanks.

  7. My Vostok does seem to run a little fast, I would suggest a minute per day. So I guess my question is, how do I go about trying to improve that?

    Bearing in mind I'm a watch wearer, not a watch repairer.

  8. Thank you Teddy for such a great review! Unfortunately the NATO strap you've shown in the video, isn't available anymore, anyway to get it? It matches wonderfully!!

  9. Теперь обрати внимание на часы Raketa (только на официальном сайте, а не подделки с алиэкспрес)

  10. @Teddy, I see the strap link is dead in the description. Do you have the information on that strap? I love the look of it on this watch.

  11. Thanks for covering these, they're really refreshing – cheap & dependable. The movements frequently exceed the claimed full wind duration and the service interval is 10 years. A whole decade. I have a couple, you can't beat them for the price. There's an interesting video on youtube about the development of the case design, the water resistance actually increases with pressure!

  12. After deciding I had enough of having crappy fashion affordable watches I decided to buy a Tissot Seastar, but thought I’d look up some YouTube reviews, now I’ve started a collection adding a Sea-Gull 1963 38mm homage and… a Vostok Amphibia exactly like this version and there’s a lot more to come. Thanks, I guess?

  13. The best watches. I simply adore that brand. Yes, it is not that excellent as Raketa (PChZ), but nobody can produce such a brilliantly resistant mechanism for this price. 2415, 2416, 2426, 2426.01, 2432, 2435.12, 2435.29. The best watches for an upgrade. Every single one can be personalized. Wearing Vostok Amphibia you get different and more special. Seiko, Casio, Police, Festina, G-Shock, Adidas…. No, thank you. The smartphone should be chinese Xiaomi, but the watch should be a russian mechanic. I've got already 4 Amphibias – 2 classics and 2 Special Editions. The last one is a 24-dial all lume Amphibia, a rare one. In this world of fake, cheap and mass products I really appreciate ChChZ.

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