1. Watch, diamond are the most easy things for money laundering lol, if you pass through airport and wearing rolex daytona rainbow, surely you have no trouble selling it in another countries

  2. Such a bullshit. If you want to invest – buy stock, properties or whatever. Watches as investment is just the way to justify luxury purchase you cannot afford

  3. Seems like bad advice…very few watches hold value and even fewer rise in value. The watches that are seen as "investments" are typically near impossible to attain or extremely expensive. But I guess as he said…if you're rich might as well.

  4. Yea but its for cocks who never use em. They do the same with supercars. Also will something like richard mille cost more 10 years from now? Very doubtful

  5. If everyone sees it as an investment it'll either seize to be an investment or it will forever be in the chain of investor to investor possesion till it loses value☹☹

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