Why is HUBLOT the most hated luxury watch brand?

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Hublot is one of the most hated luxury watch brands, and they are one of the worst watch investments around as their luxury sports watches depreciate the most. I explore the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph and the Hublot Classic Fusion to see what these watches are some of the worst luxury watches to buy.

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  1. Right in a nut shell I been collecting watches since 2004. My favourite manufacturer tag heuer and omega. I do like hublot I really do but for me theres something that's missing on their watches, I like straps very different to the brackets never fit me properly I like the overall design of hublot yes their pricey but so is AP patek etc just silly money. I think the price should count towards the length and history or a manufacturer for example tag heuer been around a long time and you can have an automatic formula 1 calibre 16 in ceramic for 1800 buck's that's just amazing. As for being smug or showing off I'd like to think that most of us don't. I've never had anyone approach me and say do you like my watch ⌚ bottom line their all overpriced I mean look at rolex it's just steel that scratches like hell but your paying for a name that's invested heavily in marketing over past 150 years. No watch company is hated its just life we all like different watches different cars different clothes and that's the way it is. Is a 2 bed house worth 300k in South East , did a zonda cost 850k to build I could go on and on no one is forcing you to buy it form your own opinion of something if you jump on band wagon your never ever be truly happy in life

  2. So basically the reason is the price (or what you get for it). I don‘t think the marketing is a problem. If you are selling a luxury product (even it‘s not worth the price), the marketing has to go in that direction. And I don‘t think that is something people dislike.

  3. Adrian, you did an amazing job on this video. I've probably watched it 5 times. I think everything you've said it fair and brutally honest. For 10k I'd literally rather buy anything else.

  4. I can sum up my thoughts in one word:
    Which isn't to say that other luxury brands don't have ghastly products in their portfolio. Yellow Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II? Yuck!

  5. Hate is a strong word. I don‘t use that term in connection to a timepiece or a brand. Maybe it is the fact, how the brand can command the prices it does and get away with it. Or the bold design. I don‘t mind that either. I would just say: if you don‘t like it, don‘t buy it.
    I have to say, that people I have talked to had reservations in regards to Rolex and undeservingly so. Everyone has got his or her own take on a brand, but the point is, whether it is substantiated. You can discuss forever without going anywhere, whether a retail price is backed by finishing, the movement, etc. For me, buying a timepiece is about passion. I have a Cartier Tank Francaise Automatic in steel, it has an ETA movement and the retail price was €4‘800. It is worth it? I can‘t really say. But I love to wear it.

  6. I used to feel this way, but after adding several luxury watches to my collection I realized that saying, "a watch enthusiast doesn't see price as a feature" is simply a marketing scheme used by the industry to justify inflating watch prices. The Stainless Steel Audemars Piguet was hated for the same reason when it was first released. People were asking, "who would pay so much for a steel watch?"

  7. People will say they don’t care about what people think and people bragging about how much money they got. But realistically most people want the attention and want to show off their success. It’s only natural human behavior but the problem is people who try to too hard to seem richer than they are. That’s why so many fake watches and luxury goods. But the quality for the price of Hublot is not on the same level so there’s so many superior options I believe

  8. I’ve learn a lot today…..thanks Adrian. Here in Singapore Hublot survives because The Hour Glass like to encourage you to buy it to get a Rolex professional model. It’s a bundle watch, sold at 45%-50% less then retail the moment it leaves the shop!

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