Why I sold my Rolex Submariner

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I bought a Rolex Submariner No Date 14060m off eBay with Box and Papers. I sold it 18 months later because it was boring, and the Tudor Black Bay 58 is a better watch.

Rolex Submariner vs Tudor BlackBay


  1. The Rolex bashing is ridiculous. If your angry because they only make 1 million pieces a year and you can’t get one, then fine. No one was bashing Rolex 5 years ago when they produced the same number of watches and you could get about any model by walking into any AD. Yes the demand has exploded, but not because Rolex changed anything. I don’t see much bitching about the Nautilus or the Royal Oak. So, go out there and explore the many alternative great brands. Just don’t trash Rolex because they make fine watches which remain in very high demand…

  2. Excellent take per usual Adrian. I feel I should share the following. I recently purchased a strap from your store on a whim for my beater Hamilton. Please continue the high level of customer service and tasteful touch to your products. From the quality product to the personalized card inside it's nice to be treated well when I choose to give my business somewhere… even when making a small purchase. Cheers.

  3. Yep the hunt is better than the kill, I have a 20yr old pepsi GMT said I'd sell it after it got to 10k, I still love it, may well sell it when I retire in 7 years
    Rolex just plays with ur mind and insecurities

  4. I get this way with a lot of things. Including cars. You want want want, and then you get it. And the feeling is great. Then, after a while, you feel like, ok, it's just a watch, just a car, it was fun, been there done that. It's like, "i accomplished it". Now what? It doesn't need to be owned forever, but the achievement, the chase is what was exhilarating. Then, for me, if I need money, I'd probably sell my 10k USD watch, and keep all my others. Can still enjoy the rotation and other great looking pieces. Once you've done that, you feel like, "I did it once, and I can do it again if I want to". The hunger has been sated.

  5. A watch lover could agree but an investor will definitely not. Come back in 10 years and see what the value of your Sub will be by then. I am highlighting this because almost every single Rolex owner I meet nowadays is an investor and not a watch geek. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Such a pity..

  6. How can you value Tudor above Rolex. Tudor is a very, very boring brand, joy has forsaken Tudor’s parts long ago if it had even ever been there. Now truth be told Submariner and that Tudor are equally boring without that eeeh Rolex halo, but the halo is there. The word ‘iconic’ even if it ever was to mesn something is abused and overused but that is ghe only readon people like the sub. Tudor is both boring and not iconic, so there s no reason to like it apart from sympathy. The best thing Tudor did was trade their movement to Breitling, ggat is the only justification of its existence! 🙂

  7. you basically buy all same watches : submariner, kermit , tudor black bay – they all look the same just given a different marketing name,… the bezel, the index …..you need to sell more actually….

  8. I consider my BB58 better (for me) than any Sub for the following reasons:
    – Size & fit is perfect
    – Design not seen a million times before
    – Lacking the snobbish aura attached to Rolex as a brand by many
    – Safe(r) to wear it in sketchy places
    After owning a few of each (modern Tudor vs modern Rolex) I can say they're pretty much the same finish/quality, with Tudor being ripped of some features (looking at you T-fit/glidelock clasp!) deliberately so that they're not stepping on the feet of big bro. As for movement for example there's not a huge difference. MY BB58 is doing +2/+4 seconds a day since I got it and that should be more than enough for real life use. For those who want "superlative" chronometric performance, get a Grand Seiko Spring Drive or Quartz.

  9. That is what collecting is and should be all about: Emotional value rather then the financial value.
    If you're not bonded with a "thing" emotionally, you should let it go and other things that make you feel right should fill in.

  10. Why I sold my Rolex Submariner… I quit my job and became a social media “content creator” on YouTube and now I’m broke and needed the money

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