Why I sold my Rolex Submariner

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  1. 2:00 sell rolex to buy tudor, aka the 'poor mans rolex' as you say. but the guy can afford a sub, as it was his and he owned it. now hes selling it to get another watch.
    maybe im missing something here?

  2. Prices of rolex are ridiculous nowadays I remember 6 years ago when i first started looking at them a 2 tone datejust was $2500 a submariner was $6000 fuckin ridiculous what they are now

  3. If Rolex were so good they wouldnt have failed most test's Nasa done with them in the 60s, Omega passed them all with flying colours. Better watches then, Better watches now. And much less wankers buying and selling them (for over inflated prices that only a fool would pay)

  4. Bark and jack is fake watch guy. He’s a guy who peddles cheap watch straps. But in order to fool the naive masses into buying his crap he has to pretend to be a watch guy. His voice alone annoys me tbh.

  5. If you can’t afford a Lange you get a cheap Rolex steel sports. It’s a poor man’s watch when he can’t afford precious metals or watches of distinction like Lange and Vacheron.

  6. Click Bait Archie….. He really has no influence in the Watch World…. Manufacturers aren't sending him new products for review, He's not getting straps. watch boxes or god forbid watches to review because he's a joke…. So he rants and rambles to get clicks to pay him bucks to support his addictions. Does anyone think he's relevant anymore besides the train wreck effect ?

  7. Well I think it's safe to say you 100% missed the point of the video…. like 100% shouldn't he do what makes HIM happy and what HE wants. Maybe if you stop putting so much effort into reaction videos of a reaction to a reaction you could be slinging your coffee.

  8. You know this coffee brand stuff is a bad money move. Though during covid the logistics was so screwed up my mother ordered tons from a local roaster for her grocery store and the guys business blew up.

  9. I dip in and out of Archie (on second thoughts that doesn't sound right) – but he's reliably still as bad as ever. Sort of reassuring. Nice to have a constant in life…..

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