Why I Collect Watches (The Most Pretentious Gringa Video Ever Made…)

There are so many reasons to collect watches… They are fabulous! They are these little things on the wrist that just spark JOY! And I think we all need a little bit more joy right now. At least I do with everything that is going on in Ukraine, and the newest European War. My heart is heavy, and sad, and I just need to focus on the GOOD AND FABULOUS THINGS! Like Watches!

Watches honestly just make me happy. But I’ve boiled it down to this… Watches are the intersection of Art, Engineering, Fashion & History. Well in the video I decided to add Philosophy as well, because that shiz is fascinating. Watches are so much more than just a thing to tell us the time on our wrist – that’s part of what they do. But it isn’t the entire story!

Watches initially captured me for the fashion aspect, but I stay in love because they are so many different things all at the same time. Thank you watches, for being awesome! Thank you watchmakers, for making awesome! And thank you Watch Fam for being awesome!

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  1. Watch gringa is one reason why I like the hobby.
    I had unsubscribed from your channel because I don't follow every video that you make, but I find myself coming back every so often to look at what you've posted.
    Thanks for making this hobby fun.

  2. WG, Wow, where to begin. I love timepieces because of the Engineering, that many are (were) handmade. I love timepieces because I can look down at my wrist and see something special, beautiful. The Dial; The Movement; The Sweeping Second Hand. Your "Rant" about Accuracy Nerds and Pretentious Watch Enthusiast were funny and appropriate. Don't pull your hair out! "We are not as big and smart as we think we are." "Farout weird Shit". Even a broken clock is right twice a day!!
    I'm old, so i've seen a lot over the past 50 years that are unbelievable!! Go back further to WWII; Battle of Britton, and horrors that I will not go into. Every Generation has crisis it is Human Nature.
    I think people watch you because you make them laugh. Thanks.

  3. Im not a verbose person in the slightest, so all I can say as a fan; this was a great video that hit all of the nails right on the head. Well said and cheers!

  4. This was by far my favorite video you have made. It was courageous, and included philosophical ranting. I am a grammy winning violinist and I just bought a CW watch that features the Ukrainian flag with all the proceeds going to Help with the medicines needed, . You do not need to make excuses , you straddled the line between social commentary , empathizing, and not being afraid to show your feelings. I hate all the things you mentioned like investments angles, I love watches. !!!!! READY, because everything we do as professional musicians is based on time and bending it, flexing it, and sometimes, doing away with the feeling that it is a relentless water torture drop drop drop. You see , I can manipulate time, as far as your feelings go. Sometimes I can improvise up a storm in a swing jazz idiom and a few minutes will have gone by when the listener thinks its only a few seconds. ( there was nothing pretentious about this video except your Rolex Daytona, (fume) feel better)

  5. Well it would be time to give it more thought about time. If you want to know more about philosophy and digitalization there are some great books written and translated in several languages by a South Correan professor at university of Berlin Byung Chul Han where he explains that everything what can not be quantified must be eliminated.
    If you go into history y of Japan you will find out that before the Portuguese monks came to "civilize" the Japanese people and brought with them our western time keeping the time was measured by Japanese by the length of the day as they warrant that retarded like us switching every year the time for one hour. There are many clock museums in Japan worthwhile to visit.
    I would be really interesting to know your birth time to make a Radix and determine where is your false modesty coming from? You are still in time to donate some moneys for the cause of Ucraine.

  6. I’m trying to come up with an acronym for your pillars PHAREN HI-FI? . (PH-philosophy, AR-art, EN-engineering, FI-fashion) Pharen According to the super accurate Urban dictionary means Someone highly skilled In physics. Which obviously time is a part. or can be Pronounced “far in Hi-Fi” which relates to time being so uncontrollably far but is always in high fidelity? Just thoughts here

  7. I don't know what brings me back to your Channel it has to be the great watches you wear,your character or just the fact that you are not pretentious. I feel so bad for the people of Ukraine having to run out of their houses in the cold and rain the fear. Bless them all hoping this ends soon.

  8. Well said I totally feel the same I can't play any of my Xbox games because I feel like I'm glorifying violence. Watches are definitely so much more than inanimate objects if you love them, stay chilled

  9. At a time where there is so much concern and horrific pain we all need a distraction . in the general scheme of things watches are unimportant but yet equally so important as we all need a degree of escapism. You are probably unaware but contact providers Provide an invaluable service in such difficult times .

  10. I totally agree Brittany! I find playing with my watches and watching reviewers like you and MWC, gives me joy. It makes me smile, helps lift my mood and is a great escape from all the madness. I'm wearing my Seiko Padi Solar today and thinking of my mother, who passed last year…it was her favourite watch of mine. Keep up the great work and the fifth pillar is real. 🌻

  11. Watchfam can be great but lately its been AWFUL. So bad it makes you question everything before you even say it. Last week I got "called out" for having an opinion, I see nasty comments on every video. Even a private group I'm in is zero fun lately, God forbid you say something that someone, no, everyone doesn't agree with. Honestly its gotten to the point where I'm just about to say f*** it and find something else to do with my time. Sorry to whine, I need your optimism.

  12. Thank you! We are all still in shock, standing by, looking on, wondering what will come of all the conflict. And yes, for so many reasons, looking down at my wrist at this combination of springs and gears and jewels and imagination, I too feel joy and perhaps a little hope. At 71, I can tell you honestly that we never, ever know everything or even a lot of things. But we all have the capacity for compassion, passion, and wonder. In your own way, in your own words, you help fill my world with wonder by showing me beautiful things that I will never experience personally. Thank you!

  13. Perhaps we could also spare a thought for the innocent people of Yemen who have endured terrible suffering at the hands of the Saudis, who have been bombing the fuck out of them for weeks now. Of course our politicians and media ignore their plight because they are the victims of our allies. Just the same as when we invaded Iraq to remove a leader we didn't like at the cost of tens of thousands of innocent civilian lives. As always in war, when it's our side committing the atrocities we turn a blind eye.

  14. “Time will always win.
    The infinite immaterial of time will always beat the finite material instruments that we create to attempt to measure it.” Watch Gringa mic drop

  15. Hey I for one don't think the video Pretentious it is more of a love letter to the Hobby of watch collecting, I think more people that are in to the hobby of watches should make videos like this in all lot of ways talking about time and watches go in hand in hand with parts of philosophy time in it self is philosophy because are lives are so short.

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