Who REALLY Made The First Ever "Dive Watch", Blancpain Or Rolex? NEITHER!

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  1. Wow! That omega is gorgeous. Love the sliding case and hidden crown. New favorite watchdesign!

  2. really dude, do your homework first and learn how to pronounce Blancpain before you do a video about it……it´s like you have a rag in your mouth when you try to pronounce it…..horrible

  3. Another great video! Can you do one for first GMT and fist Pilot's watches?

  4. It does not matter who made the first dive watch. Continuous debate on the issue is pointless.

  5. From what I've read before… the Zodiac Sea Wolf and the Blancoain Firty Fathoms were the first dive watches ever released (1953) that had rotating bezels. The Rolex Submariner debuted a year later in 1954.

  6. Jory — you're jewish, do't you know that shrimp are unclean, not fit to eat, they got scales but not fins !!! Moses wrote about it…..Love the finger guns blurred out, that was truly hilarious !!!!

  7. Dude, you have a Porsche. Do you think anyone is surprised by your “time traveling”?

  8. I like the Omega Marine more than the JLC Reverso. Oh…. Also I prefer the BB over the SM….I hate the Mercedes hands. Bring on the snowflake hands!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so sick of all the bias snobs who are always trying to say that Rolex invented everything from the first diver, the first chronograph, the first doughnut, whatever!
    As luxury watch brands go, Rolex was later than most to the party, not having been established until 1905.

  10. Oh great teller of time, we are enjoying your sickness, keep up the great videos. I am wearing my Tudor hydronaut II 20060 much better than the black bay

  11. The omega might keep some water out but it's not a dive watch. at least not the dive watch that the FF and Sea Wolf are (Rolex is simply an homage of those…)

  12. Interesting. Omega Seamaster originally just meant waterproof. And was used on their dress watches and sporty yacht watches. My 1969 Seamaster 120 doesn't even have a screw crown. But I dived to 40 meters with it for 40 years before it finally did start to leak.

  13. Does anyone have a link to the triple T video where he explains why Turdor is 💩? Thanks!

  14. So basically what you're saying Jory, Blancpain made the first dive watch that we know and everyone reproduces still to this day. But Omega had a water proof watch before that… got it.

  15. The Omega Marine was a watch that was put into a water tight case to facilitate diving as such became a dive watch. The modern dive watch which is sealed and with a rotating bezel is what most people recognize as a dive watch. I think there could be a case to say which was the first and which was the first of the accepted style of dive watch. Intereseting video though. I like the informative videos. keep them coming.

  16. No timing bezel or way to track elapsed bottom time equals not a dive watch the same way and oyster perpetual is not a dive watch. Alot of brands had waterproof watches long before fifty fathoms and submariner but they weren't dive watches

  17. Oh, I was expecting Zodiac haha. In 1953 Zodiac introduced the Sea Wolf as the world's first purpose-built "dive watch" manufactured and marketed to the masses. To date, the original Sea Wolf, and its successor, the early-1970s Super Sea Wolf, are widely considered two of the most iconic commercial dive watches in history.

  18. Spot on episode. Love the Omega Marine, very cool. Agree 100% about the Bland Bays too 😲😁👍🏻

  19. For the comments around ‘it’s got no bezel so it’s not a dive watch it’s more just a water proof watch’.

    When this watch was made scuba diving was not a thing yet – it didn’t exist, people would still dive connected via air tubes back up to the surface. You didn’t need a diving bezel to count down oxygen but you still needed to know the time for whatever reason (agreed time to resurface).

    Then when oxygen tanks/scuba was invented in the early 1940s that triggered the rotating bezel requirement that then started appearing on dive watches after that in the 50s.

    Doesn’t mean that watches prior to 1940 without a bezel designed for diving were not dive watches, there just was no such need based around the diving equipment itself. So they were dive watches of their era which became redundant.

    Just like now I doubt many divers rely on an automatic watch with a bezel to save their life, things like the Sub are redundant from a diving perspective as diving equipment had progressed.

  20. You dare to hate on BB58?
    You want to pronounce watch names correctly?
    Yet you say Tudor as
    Two-door Black Bay 58!!!🚪🤣 A Bada-Bing, a what’s the madder wid you!!
    Way to go.
    Tudor is a Royal family 👑and in this instant a Watch Company,⏱
    Not a vehicle to enter or exit different environments or rooms.
    Two-door🚪, Mr fancy Scmancy!!!
    Yes I am from England👑

  21. Great video as always. Man, you crack me up! It’s great when you go off on a random rant or tangent! 👍🏻👍🏻

  22. The first dive watch is the omega marine. The first dive watch rotating bezel and screw down crown (let the fan boys kill each other)

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