Who Is Driving Up Rolex Prices ? Is The Tudor Pelagos FXD Any Good ?

Who Is Driving Up Rolex Prices ? Is The Tudor Pelagos FXD Any Good ?


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  1. I wanted my first Rolex and I wanted a new one so i gave them information of watches I had interest in, they just dodged my interest completely and told me they can’t get anything so I just gave up, they won’t give me any information at all not even what they have in they’re current inventory, they just keep telling me to come into one of there stores for unspecified reasons, and I’m not driving 50 miles to have a conversation 🤷‍♂️

  2. Hi Fed, watching you regularly, please keep up.
    One irrelevant comment, your watch is always hidden almost the entire video behind the microphone. Could you please move one of the two? Sometimes you have interesting models and is good to see them on hand, but they're always hidden 99% the time 🙂

  3. Love the pelagos with metal band, not sure if the new design was another watch Tudor needed to release to the public. In terms of value, i dont see the watch becoming iconic, had they kept it only for the military then i can see people seeking to buy for the mere fact is not mass produced

  4. Thank you for the honest opinion on the pelagos fxd, finally a short and concise review of an once again overhyped release. All of the other reviews have been tippytoeing, talking about some heritage, how the fixed lugs are actually military based, that the bidirectional bezel is great, even though the markers are not in the same increments on both sides, and that the reverse countdown is actually usefull, etc….

  5. THis is the situation .

    1.Rolex love the publicity
    2.Rolex get to raise their prices . BUT they still get a fixed % of the retail
    3. The whole AD thing is whats screwed the market .
    4.Most of the best watches to be delivered to a AD are not sold to the public .Managers etc are buying them and selling them to the grey dealers making HUGE amounts . Some might earn £100000 easily a year .Why not ?? THis is why there is a shortage . Rolex needs to investigate why brand new Rolexes are been sold within hours by Grey dealers .WHo make far more profit than Rolex

  6. To me, what’s exciting about the FXD is it’s the first man sized Tudor sports watch that isn’t a chunky monkey. Probably will be a bracelet version in the future, signals that Tudor is getting the message that thinner is better.

  7. Ouuuu you got me with the video title! And as always it’s fabulous to hear your honest thoughts. Also… can we jusy say HOW GOOD YOU ARE LOOKING FED!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. I've wanted a Rolex Explorer for years and years and almost bought one in 2015. Unfortunately or fortunately, my wife said it was plain and boring so that was out of the picture. Last year, she said that the Sub no date looked good so now the hunt is on.

    My wife has extremely good taste so if the Sub works out, maybe I can sneak in an Explorer after that?

  9. First of I agree with you on stainless steel and rose . I collect vintage Omegas. 1934-1970. They are either solid 18k rose gold
    or stainless steel. I can’t stand gold plate anything. I plating remind me of trophy, not real. Second I agree with you on the mindless
    People on how they bought watches! It is amazing how many dumb bunnies are out there. I don’t think you will find old money people
    Buying Rolex.

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