What Your Watch Says About You! – Don't Be That Guy!(Vol 2)

Different watches say different things about you. What you are wearing on your wrist will say a thing or two about you in the watch game. In this second video we will look at a bit more different brands like Panerai and AP. The model that you have on will say a lot about your style, status, and rank in the watch game. Although any watch is a good watch sometimes a lot has to do on how your wear it. Don’t forget that!
Also would like to give a Shout Out to the Pontiff for being the OG of this topic!

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Hosted By: Eric Rivera

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  2. My husband got the Hulk and I LOVE it!!!! I have a Dayjust 36 mm – some might think it's boring, but for me its a classic and it fits my style. My next watch will be the Rolex Daytona twotone

  3. Eric, i love the Yacht-master 2. Dont know why it is the most disliked Rolex in their lineup. The size, fit and finish is amazing. I have the stainless and am looking to buy the yellow gold soon. My grail Rolex is the yellow gold YM2. Do you have any input as to why Rolex buyer community dislikes this watch so much?

  4. Nice video and very few good points but also i would like to mention when ever i see watches like these in pristine conditions… 2 kind of ppl come to mind… The ones who keep them in the safe and the ones who use them regularly with dinks and scratches… The second type are the true watch lovers cos they have the balls to ISE THEM!!!

  5. You have great style bro. Looking great bro. Simple but creative. I hope you wearing your cubans links gold chain. Which is your favorite perfume house or brand eric? Best two tone rolex that you like?

  6. Love my (retail!) 5990. I feel its on the understated side and even though the bracelet is distinctive, from a distance it's very much 'if YKYK', unlike the AP RO or even Tag link series which identifies its self from across the room.

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