What Will Actually Happen if Russia Invades Ukraine

With 100,000 troops lining the Russian border with Ukraine, the whole world is watching and waiting to see if Russia actually invades the neighboring country, thus igniting the spark for World War 3. Check out today’s epic new video to find out what will happen if Russia does invade Ukraine and how the United States and NATO will be forced to respond!


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  1. Noone talks about the EU in all of this who started tickling the Russian bear in 2015 by pouring money into the Ukraine to join. The Germans were behind most of it. This started before the NATO issue.

  2. The secession of Crimea and the annexation of Russia is completely legal, Crimea had a full right to that, because Kosovo did the same, arbitrarily declared independence and secession from Serbia.

  3. All irrelevant, Nato have Nukes so do Russia nobody will be using them, sanctions just announced by browsing Johnson in UK Parliament. Very weak. I don't think Russia will be that worried

  4. Can't believe people are joking about this, people are dying and war is on the doorsteps of Ukraine and people here are talking about Beiden being senile. And about countries taking notes of the video.

  5. risk angering the world? The world could care less about ukraine. If Russia invaded ukraine and murdered 40 million people in ukraine today the rest of the world would say that is terrible then go about their day. Keep in mind Russia has murdered tens of millions of people notable ukrainians in the past and aside from saying how terrible people think that is nobody did anything about it, a few people maybe boycotted some russian made goods, but in general nobody cares about anything outside their tiny sphere of influence.

    As for the idea of Russia invading Ukraine that is rediculous, Russia food production is down wind of ukrians 15 chernobyls Russia would not take such a great risk of invading ukraine which may permanently degrading its food production unless Russia thought there was going to be another chernobyl and the only way to stop it would be to invade ukriane and secure the 15 chernobyle facilities in ukraine. The fertility rate for woman in Ukraine is 1.2 meaning the society is collapsing as a fertility rate of 2 is required to maintain the population, Russia is down wind of ukraine. Fallout reduces the fertilty rate for hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of years.

    What is going on in Ukraine is the powers that be trying to fulfill Daniel chapter 11, capturing some of the coastlands ie crimea and then later another conflict trying to capture the border provinces which will probable go horrible for russia and putin will finally step down from politics in russia after this ukraine crisis.

  6. We need to stop this madman and his egoistic and cruel policy of capturing areas to himself. We have seen in our history what wars have lead to, and this needs to be avoided. I so much hate Putin and hope that he can be stopped by any means necessary!

  7. This would not have happened if the warmongering USA didn't decide to expand beyond the West German borders just to push there ideas and lies to Poland and other Eastern European countries,NATO has nobody to blame but themselves. ⚔⚔⚔☠☠☠☠

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