What is a man? A response to Gillette

A short film – Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us.

We agree that issues of abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and bullying are serious issues and stand behind those issues being dealt with and getting the attention they need.

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  1. Aww.. somebody needs a hug… There there….

    Of course, you DO know that we could choose different statistics and make a tear-jerking video about women, right? I mean, you’re not THAT dumb… right? Or do you need somebody to spell it out?

    (wage inequality, glass ceiling, sexual insults, rape, face coverings, underrepresentation in government, , bearing most of the household burden, being convinced that even God himself tells you to “keep silent”, experiencing pain, likeliness to be injured in a car accident, victims of human trafficking, poverty in retirement, facing chronic hunger…)

  2. i watch this again and again, whenever I find myself (a young female in a liberal state) affected by misandrist propoganda. it reminds me to see men as they truly are.

  3. <Juicy Smellit declares his innocence after being given a 5 month jail sentence in court. No doubt he was the Gillette role model of what a man should be like for acting the right way and a member of the tummy touching club.>

  4. What is a man? He is a human male adult enough said men do not have to prove their manhood because that is a huge lie made up by woke gender activist bigots. As a mature young man myself plus other men around the world we do not have to prove our masculinity because that is just machoism not masculinity, so to all my fellow brothers out there just be a compassionate responsible gentleman that is it end of story.

  5. Teach boys of the next generation to be gentlemen not macho-men and definitely not feminine men.
    Feminine men: Drag Queens (Immature) 👎🏾
    Gentlemen: Firefighters (Mature) 👍🏾
    Macho-men: Gangsters (Immature) 👎🏾

  6. I'm seriously sick and tired of all these Feminists saying "Men have been oppressing us for centuries!" If that was the case, then chivalry wouldn't exist, men wouldn't of fought for their wives in war to protect then, men wouldn't of invented the stuff that makes women's lives more comfortable. Even in prehistoric times, men would often go to the unforgiving wilderness so that women can be able to eat. Throughout all of history men have always loved women and would do great things for them, sure there were men who did bad things to women, but the vast majority of men loved their women.

    Because the winners write the story, feminists are completely rewriting history and making it sound like women were helpless victims oppressed by men (despite the fact there were queens back then).

    Even if you ignore all the crap that feminists have done, you literally HAVE to paint men as the enemy in order to be one yourself.

    Just a little rant.

  7. The hypocrisy really shows when the same people who talk about cancel culture and complain about “snowflakes” then turn around and lose there shit over a 90 second ad because it tells them they can act better. Who’s getting offended now?

  8. This is all true, and all good, and I agree, but it isn't a response to Gillette. A miner risking their life to provide for their family might be very noble, but the original message was that sometimes, some men behaved in toxic ways, and we need to fix that as a society. Saying the miner is noble, or that many men kill themselves is part of an entirely different conversation, how are they related?

    Whether you agree or disagree with Gillette's methods or their message, I think it's clear this is making a different and unrelated message

  9. What an amazing video that shows men as human beings not as monsters. As a gentleman myself who believes in equal rights for both females and males. I absolutely have a burning hatred for both misandrists and misogynists because they are both stupid bigots. I have a message for misandrists around the world who are anti-male, who built the world that’s right males and I have message for misogynists around the world who are anti-female who do you think gave birth to you that’s right your mother who is a female. So these hateful bigots need to shut their annoying mouths up and must accept the fact that females & males are human beings period. To all my fellow human brothers and sisters around the world always remember be genuine & take care of one another.

  10. the fucking irony that almost all of these issues are directly related to toxic masculinity which gillette was attempting to call out and yet there was this much of an outcry is astounding to me

  11. In my honest opinion as a mature normal zoomer young man myself we as a society should be teaching boys to look up to firefighters not drag queens and definitely not gangsters because the truth is drag queens & gangsters are useless people. Boys should be taught to be gentlemen not macho-men and definitely not women. Boys must grow up to be compassionate, to be confident, to be respectful and to be responsible period. They must support their community, their families and their friends so they could grow up to be decent loving gentlemen.

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