Week #35: We Found Out Darby's Blind!!! Delivering watches to several clients!!!

It was a slower week here Darby’s getting Lasik. We delivered several watches to clients. We hired a new professional photographer for social media images.

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  1. Big man has good taste in watches.👍 He should tell his wife if that cash is going to appreciate like that watch? Trading paper for that specific watch was a good idea.

  2. Can samebody explain me something pls.Are the watches with after market diamond more expensive than original?I dont like watches with diamonds exept if it's a factory set.

  3. When the Feds stop pumping money into the markets soon and stock market declines (already happening) that guy who traded those APs and gold Skydreweller for the RM had better hope he has unloaded that watch. Trust me! RM is about to have problems because this watch company is pure hype!

  4. $21k for a sub. That’s stupid! There’s no way that watch is worth that. People buying into the Rolex holding value hype. Also, I used to want a Rolex because my father had one. It was sentimental. However it seems everyone has one nowadays and not everyone are purchasing them the right way if you know what I mean. So starting to rethink purchasing a watch product, being worn by different buyers.

  5. Guys your sales guys should never be saying in front of a client that WE HAVE HAD THIS FOR A WHILE ! Not good boys not good ( I’m a professional sales person of nearly 30 years ) if you want any advice let me know ( not being big headed or undermining your process ) but you need some tweaking xx

  6. Maybe you aren’t mentally clear and are foggy headed because you are taking shots in the backroom of a gym? Stop for a month, and I bet your mental acuity increases tremendously. Jeepers

  7. Paying for Darby to get lasik eye surgery is a great gesture, hearing and seeing this makes me so happy. This is the type video I think will get a lot of positive feedback. Wishing you a speedy recovery Darby.

  8. Just proves that Anthony and Marco care about the people that grind and hustle all day for them to help them and their company, they will stick with you for a long time because good owners/bosses are few and far between

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