Wearing Rolex Watches in London

Viewers of this Channel ARE SAFE and know exactly how, where and when to wearing their luxury watches including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille etc. etc.
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  1. very tough in a world on Instagram… 😄 keep up the great work… 😄you will get at the 100,000 subscribers..!! keep it up with the content….great content on the real world.! 😄 neither of you is wearing a watch in the evening in London…. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 take this point to the bank box.!! 😄 😄 😄

  2. Simply not worth the stress . Lucky i am not a watch person .Ì own 5 watches , i doubt if they are worth 150 pounds combined . I do sympathize ,but not for me , thank you .

  3. Its simply a joke, that you can't wear a watch and need to be afraid of getting it robbed in the middle of Europe/UK. I can go out anywhere in China and do and wear whatever I want and have absolutely nothing to worry about. Its so bad how far we've come in here and that politics are doing nothing against it either.

  4. Some people deliberately show their watches as a status symbol so when they get Robbed the thieves are probably thinking he has loads of cash and jewellery on them as well. Know your surroundings and what to avoid.

  5. The thing I like most about this video on watch security – is that there is no criticism of the police for a change.

  6. When I had my diamond Rolex I would cover it in the streets. In most cases I also would eye up the room to see if there was any problems before letting the watch come out on show. I sold all my top watchers. I wear a fantastic English sliver pocket watch and chain now, but I still have to be careful.

  7. It is simple, just avoid London, it is a toilet.
    Lived in London for years, moving away was the best thing I ever did.

  8. Go down local estates an everyone's got a rolex or bust down but your average person can't wear one in London it's mad must be where all stolen watches are on young bucks wrists

  9. Dress like crap, don’t wear anything fancier than an Apple Watch and constantly look over your shoulder. Terrific city

  10. I had my AP Royal Oak stolen after being mugged 2 days before this was filmed. In Soho late at night, on my own. I wish i had watched this video before that night….. Paul if u have any advice for me with regards what i should NOW do, i would greatly appreciate it. I have obviously reported to police, thewatchregister, mystolenwatch, AP – but if i'm missing anything PLEASE let m know. Best, Mike

  11. Pro tip wear the 20$ Cassio and tell em have it 🤣keep the sub at home with the rest of them ur friends know what you have ur girl knows what you have. Wear the cheap one.

  12. Dress up! Wear the expensive trinkets. Just make sure that you have at least 9 large, buff chaps, with ear pieces and dark glasses, surrounding you at all times. Problem solved.

  13. It just shows what a shit society we live in; can’t wear a nice watch; can’t drive a nice car or wear nice clothes without some f…..n scumbag wanting to steal them off ya. What’s the point in having nice things in the first place?

  14. I wouldn't wear any watch that even looked like a Rolex submariner.
    I wear a Sekonda Cartier Tank lookalike watch. Smart and cheap.

  15. This channel (and David’s) is so much more interesting and balanced than a certain Irishman’s with a love for Casios and a utter hatred of Hublot. It’d be great to bump into you both for a pint and learn a bit more about watches 👍

  16. Hey Paul,
    Does wearing a submariner on a leather strap make it less of a theft target? I know this sounds ridiculous but I’ve heard that a lot of the thrives spot the watch head and matching bracelet.

  17. Ye, but a lot of the watches you saw walking around will be fakes, so they may feel protected by that fact… Just because you're in London doesn't mean they wont wear fakes, of course a large proportion will!

  18. What some people are not appreciating is that people in or around the trade that are on YouTube have to be extra extra cautious. The crims will all watch the same videos we do, but from their darker POV. So of course two niche famous watch guys are not wearing anything expensive out and about. …

  19. You don’t hear about women getting mugged daily for their bling bling engagement rings do you? Or maybe that’s an epidemic too?? 🤷‍♂️

  20. The homeless person sleeping on the doorsteps of Richard Mille is such a sad poetic contrast of our current world. Another great video Paul, cheers from the states.

  21. All I have to do is flash the Invicta logo inscribed on the side of the watch and they lose interest. Thank You Invicta for adding that anti theft device.

  22. At the same time, ppl buy nice watches to show them off. If you can't show them off people won't buy them. It's not an ecosystem that will go away by warning people about late night muggers.

  23. you should swap your real rolex with a copy from china when you are out in london. Then you will happily hand over the watch and smile all the way home knowing your real rolex is safe and sound.

  24. I’ve just bought a Bulova Lunar Pilot. Great watch at a low price …. There’s always something good you can wear when you don’t want to risk your expensive watch!

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