Watchmaker Breaks Down Swiss vs Japanese Made Watches | WIRED

Professional watchmaker Ryan Jewell breaks down two different Carpenter watches; one watch with Japanese movement and another with Swiss movement.

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Watchmaker Breaks Down Swiss vs Japanese Made Watches | WIRED


  1. Strange you don’t mention Seiko beating the Swiss, back in the 60’s, at their accuracy trials using a mechanical movement, causing the Swiss to refuse to compete ever since.

  2. Swiss watches are overrated. Micro brands such as Phoibos and Helm are doing great. You get a lot for your hard-earned money not to mention that these brands use Japanese movements which are reliable and will last for decades.

  3. Both are outstanding, could maybe be a better comparison but it's a fun video. I love the Japanese movements even more than Swiss, for example Grand Seiko's in-house movements like the Hi-beat Cal. 9SA5

  4. A few years ago after owning many chinese made cheap automatic watches ive got my hands on a Omega Speedmaster reduced (automatic chronograph) and that changed my perception completely!

    These watches are mechanical marvels.. the 1141 clockwork is only 25,6mm in diameter and 3,6mm high… all assembled the „small“ speedy is looking like a Quarz watch but if you know what’s going on inside of that tiny case its just fascinating every time you look at it.

    Ok… they are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain (in my case 400€ every 5 years) but if you got a skilled watchmaker to service it, you have a watch for the rest of your days.

  5. Warns to wear finger protection in order not to damage components 0:50, keeps using one with an (obvious) hole in it and imprinting a part at 12:25.
    I also think he doesn't drink coffee, my fingers always tremble more after drinking some.

  6. 2 fashion watches completely ripping off the Max Bill designed Junghans. Please people, do some research before buying stuff like this. Go buy the original for the same price if not less!!

  7. The fun thing, while watching this is that I have in front of me a skeletonized version of essentiallythe same Miyota movement (in a Fossil). I could follow along because most of the parts are the same. (no, I did NOT take it apart)

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