Watches, Wine and…. Jealousy? – Q&A No.8

I answer your questions and tell some stories in Part 8 of my Q&A.
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  1. Was thinking Oisin must be pronounced Awesome. Living the life…watches and Venice…doesn't get any better… well, maybe a tick better….How about " Leave it to cleavage" as a channel name….. A watch and boobs channel…lots of clicks are guaranteed.

  2. Wetting myself!…give her 45 minutes of other hot girls you have ran through….just to let her know there is a pecking order…take a ticket and get in line darlin!..keep on keepin on mate!

  3. Ok look. It's official. Your are absolutely the coolest Mo-Fo I know. "Thigh gap?" Genius. A term I've much chagrin. U rock… Man, as great as your watch reviews are; & they're great—(w/ the BEST editing & videography in the field. Plus, your wealth of horoligical knowledge…I are cool!) Mr. O'Malley… keep on rockin' in the FREE WORLD!!! (FRENCH women…? Scary & Italians… I'm an Irish American in Denver, via Chicago.. I married a Colombian super model, in '01. Divorced, 4yrs later. No kids. Point is girl now? Jennifer…pure Irish!) I love ya, man! Cant wait to have a cigar & Red Breast, w/ ya! Stay COOL! — John Clayton Bradley. Denver. (It's snowing…) Peace. God Bless!

  4. One the very few watch channels I can bear watching now. The others and some of the new ones that have spouted up are either paid shills or just embarrassing in their desperation for a piece of the youtube pie.
    Great content as usual, keep it up

  5. People's thinking in order to dislike a video confuses me. I see some people say they click the dislike on a review video when they don't like the product reviewed. Which, although following a logic, is simply dumb.

    Edit…and then you point them out. I should really comment after watching, not during!

  6. Oisin, be great to see a bloopers version of the pronunciation video of the behind the scenes, must be fascinating and provide a look into the effort to get enough decent footage together for the video.

  7. Wow Oisin your right I just whipped out my 99 sea dweller and directly compared it to my 18 Hulk and it does seem to be better made than the Hulk, its still my favourite watch the 99 sea dweller and I think its the only one they did with writing on the case back which is a nice feature
    I actually bought this in Venice in 2000 new from Salvadoris and hope one day to revisit and have a few drinks in Harrys Bar but I guess I won't be as lucky to perhaps buy another Sports for my collection ,back then the window was full of Sports watches and the old man who started the company and sat smoking in the corner of the shop recommended the sea dweller and I bought it without hesitation
    Thankyou Salvadoris Thankyou Venice and Thankyou Oisin for the great channel

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