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If you would describe your ideal watch as a chronograph, twin sub-dials, with vintage styling and a contrasting panda dial for less than £2,000—then boy do I have a treat for you. Welcome to the Hamilton Intra-Matic Chrono.

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Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono H38416111

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  1. I'm pretty sure the "I get showered with compliments everyday when I wear this watch" comments are completely exaggerating but it definitely does get noticed. This is the first watch I've owned where I've had several coworkers actually comment on or ask about my watch.

  2. This is more handsome yet considerably cheaper than the similar looking Tudor chronograph. The perfect size now for a chrono too. Hamilton are definitely growing in their rankings for me as of late with this, the khaki field mechanical, PSR and classic Ventura as well. Yet all still relatively affordable.

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  4. I Believe Buren also joined the ‘intra-matic’ pact, besides Hamilton and Heuer. Buren actually made this exact design back in the days as well

  5. What a pleasant surprise seeing the watch you're wearing being reviewed on Watchfinder! makes you appreciate it even more. Great video as always!
    I've got the leather strap version, first mechanical watch and I'm loving it. I was afraid it would be too big for my small 15.9cm wrist (although my wrist is kinda flat, which helps), but even with its thickness and big lugs, the watch fits surprisingly well. Love the panda color and the classic racing watch look.

  6. I had a quick look around your site and i have an idea or two for a review:
    What to buy if you have a 1000$ and you don't like round watches?
    The watches (all from your shop):
    – Maurice Lacroix Pontos Gents PT6217-SS001-330
    – Baume et Mercier Hampton for men M0A08345
    – Omega Seamaster Polaris 2540.50.00
    Or perhaps a comparison between Rado Integral R20759759 and Raymond Weil Shine 1500-ST2-70381, they're at the same price point, have a common theme and yet are executed completely different.
    I have no problems with round watches just to be clear 🙂
    In any case keep doing these great videos!

  7. Normally i am not fan of Chronograph but man in Silver dial and black belt this watch looks stunning and made me fall in love with it. Ok i am gonna buy this watch.

  8. I couldn’t imagine not subscribing to this channel to the tune of 60% of people watching – this is the single best watch channel on YouTube by a long shot.

  9. I have the blue version of this watch – one of my favourites. Especially as they are often discounted, making them brilliant VFM. I preferred this to my Speedy – which I sold recently…..

  10. Finally! I love mine. I have the blue variant. I have three different straps for it. And if it was my only watch, I've set this thing up to fit almost any occasion. Thank you so much for finally covering this. I absolutely believe that this watch, in at least one of its iterations will be sought after for years to come.

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