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There are a lot of watches out there. A lot. And that makes standing out from the crowd a real challenge. When one of the most popular watches in the world—the inevitably mentioned Rolex Submariner—looks about as generic as it gets, that poses a problem. How do you make a watch that blends in with classical grace yet catches the eye? Watch company Maen just might have the answer.

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Maen Skymaster 38 Thunder Grey

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  1. Yeah it looks nice enough, but it's an off the shelf swiss chronograph. I'd much rather a Citizen 8110a with superior column wheel and vertical clutch at a fraction of the purchase price.

    Edit: further brief investigation shows this model, and perhaps this brand overall, have presented purchasers many troubles. Specific to this model, I've seen and read of dead on arrival pieces that do not function, pieces failing shortly after delivery (hands slipping/breaking off, movement seizing and other), poor customer service, long periods of time where orders have been withheld while money has been taken for purchase…

  2. I am thinking about buying this watch however with the sale budget I can get an omega Aqua terra ( older model / used ) … what do you think watch community ?

  3. Watchfinder used to be synonymous with exceptional reviews of exceptional time pieces; now we get this mumbo jumbo about Chinese watches and Kickstarter watches (or both). You should reduce the video quality to 480p (or lower) because it hurts to see spray painted hands and dials, screws coated in blue paint, unfinished or very poorly finished movements, and dust on the dial of a new watch – I assume these are new because they would not be worth anything pre-owned / there is not even a hint of quality, originality, or anything else that would make these pieces non-disposable.

  4. Watchfinder, I think a comparable yet better option in this category would be Farer Watches; they have truly unique designs that are not homage to icons, like the Skymaster is an homage to an Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer. Farer watches are also attainable, and with their own sense of style and character. For example, take a look at the Chrono Sport collection, incredible value and really good use of color; you don't see a thoughtfully designed hand wound chronograph for under $2k everyday. I had both, the Skymaster and a Farer chronograph, and the Farer is way superior in everything. Please consider reviewing some of their models, I would love to see what you have to say about them once you see them.

  5. I own this watch. All the quality control complaints apply to my watch as well. It took well over a year for delivery. The watch's power reserve does not match the advertised number (I was told by another owner that the movements are old stock which may need to be re-lubricated). The feel of the pushers and crown definitely matches the price. I hate that they included "master" in the name since it makes it feel like even more of an Omega homage.

    But, I still really like the watch. I love the orange and red color combo, even though it really shouldn't work. I like the thin 12 hour bezel. I just like wearing this funky, kinda flawed guy on my wrist. This watch is the polar opposite of the one I wear most often (JLC MUT Moon 39), which makes it kinda cool to throw on every so often.

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