Watches of Switzerland London stores robbed 3 times in 3 months

Founded in 1924, Watches of Switzerland has been catering to the needs of passionate collectors and enthusiasts for nearly a century. Our curated selections of luxury Swiss watches contain some of the world’s finest timepieces from maisons including OMEGA, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Breitling and Patek Philippe.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad are appealing for information following an armed robbery of the flagship Watches of Switzerland at 155 Regent Street on Sunday, March 18.

Police were called to the iconic watch showroom at around 2pm, where six suspects on three mopeds had attacked the store, which is open on Sundays.


  1. Let's take a country, flood it with cheap labour from all over the world to keep wages down, then watch on TV, footballers and X factor judges and the like flaunting all their wealth and also getting paid to promote and advertise all this bullshittery possessions backed up with social media Tik Tok etc…… I wonder

  2. 16 months! waht a fuckin` joke. should have been 16 years with no parole. That`s the problem, no deterrent. Look up Paul Thorpe for a robbery on his nephew`s watch store.

  3. I hope wos – put those great citizens who got involved in helping foil the robbery – were thanked with a leg up to get a watch. interesting video. ~ JDS/CT

  4. Great video!! i was spoke to a lady from China the other day, i was saying how soft we are here and that's why we live in a shit hole and lots people have 0 respect, she said in China your get 2 years jail for stealing a push bike, this sort crime would be life or put to to death……………….

  5. Perhaps we should set up a police force to restore law and order? Plus create a balanced judiciary to support them?

  6. why bother now…No shop has a Rolex for sale .Easier to rob people leaving grey market dealers like "trotters" etc . some of the customers might have £50k worth of watches in their bags (They get advised not to wear them directly after purchase )

  7. I can't hate more in this world then coward people who just pass, doing nothing. I don't know how you can sleep , Is not exist a behaviour more selfish and worse, live for nothing…disgusting

  8. I wouldn't dream of buying a watch from WoS.
    Aurum Group's store staff and more importantly head office can be incredibly rude.

  9. Assalaamulaykum
    Respect if we local people who work hard everyday stay in bundles no1 can put us down well done n clap for all of u who was there to help thnks

  10. These shops still creat slave labour So a hope they all get robbed!! Blood diamond Still happens all around the world ROB THEM ALL but please don’t hurt anyone!

  11. Insurance exists for a reason.

    Poor people cover the possessions of rich people and Londons geography is such that the abject poverty of the towerblock overlooks the abundant wealth of the city, and the two do not make good bedfellows.

    Tone down the ostentatious displays of wealth, and/or euthanise anybody with previous criminal records, anyone earning less than 100k p/a, and anybody who uses slang or rides a scooter or listens to drill music.

    Similar to ethnic cleansing, chav cleansing would solve a lot of ills.

  12. 6 of em, £400k ! £200k street value if that. £30k each if they’re lucky, let’s say 5 years in jail🤷🏻‍♂️ 6k per year wtf. Suicide mission 😆 I’d rather sign on🤪😭

  13. There should be armed guards in those watches of Switzerland shops,
    And they should shoot to kill the Scumbag robbers, period,

  14. You get more for growing
    16 months for 450000 not recovered
    I'm coming out of retirement
    One for all and all for one

  15. I used to work at Burberry Regent Street at the time and I remembered the robbery that occurred in morning. One of my colleagues from work was at staff entrance when he saw one of the males running towards Brewery Street with merchandise. Few seconds later police was coming down Vigo street when my colleague pointed out where the suspect run to….some time later we found out that one person was caught with few watches and arrested .
    We watched Cctv footage of the events in store. They used also Samurai type swords that want mentioned in here . I still have the pictures.

  16. All the have a go heroes just can't mind there own fckn business.. One day some have a go hero will be murdered. And too right. Fckn Idiots..

  17. I was there later that day. I saw cops, so l was an on looker being nosy, then saw the motorcycle and felt bad. Thinking someone was hit riding their motorcycle. Then saw the news later and it was this robbery on Watches of Switzerland..Small world

  18. How is this even news? Pretty sure the watches of Switzerland store has insurance…if anything they're doing them a favour…they should probably have armed guards now.

  19. Dear Londoners when you have ruined your own town stay there dont start coming further afield or up north when you have nalt left we dont want you

  20. Ngl citizens need to mind they business let police do they jobs that watch company will get that replaced

  21. Madting thats where i got my rolex from the staff there are safe as well, hope they good man

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