WATCH: SpaceX Rocket Launch First All-Civilian Crew Into Orbit

NBC News’ Cal Perry reports live from Cape Canaveral, Florida as the very first all-civilian space blasts off from Launchpad 39-A. 
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  1. Space is the ultimate frontier, for those who question why should we invest in it, space is one of the few things that unites us all, we may fight constantly about politics but the one thing we can agree on is that this is inspiring and a positive thing for humanity as a species!

  2. @marcomendicino IRCC IS KILLINGg OUR DREAMS BY NOT Informing us ABOUT FUTURE OF ALL PROGRAM DRAWS, DOCTOR,Ph.Ds nurses,engineers are waiting for draws for 9 months, but they are too mean to respond, @CitImmCanada , destroyingg our hopes,shattered our dreams, pl raise ur voice

  3. These folks must be super strong for that amount of g-forces to no really affect them at all. Makes you wonder why aquanauts even do g-force training anymore. Just look at these civilians. It's not affecting them at all.

  4. "Black wants out of the streets

    Yellow wants the country

    Red wants the country back

    And white wants out of this world

    Sing – sing to the sky

    I want to ride the tiger

    I want to ride the tiger."

    Jefferson Starship, 1974

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