Watch Shopping with Kevin O'Leary: Building a Perfect Watch Collection for $60,000

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After our other collaborations’ success, we’re back with another installment of watch shopping with Kevin O’Leary, this time with a budget of $60k. As a disclaimer, this one really brought out our competitive sides as well as a lot of interesting watch selections.

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  1. Overall Kevin won and his "collection" includes a watch (Speedmaster) I actually own, but Teddy has two watches (IWC and the GS) that I would get in a heartbeat. Still, hard to watch someone who feels constrained by a $60,000 "budget".

  2. 18:50 breitling remind my of the Bulova vintage, beautiful piece… i just found out about the watch band factory HadleyRoma here in Florida, and wow many steps to make them, now i appreciate more the value added to the piece. Thanks.

  3. 5:56. That is a problem. I didn't know left handed options existed till now.
    I usually don't have the watch on when I wind it or change the time anyway.
    Which is why I always wanted an Omega Bull.

  4. So wait, Teddy was only $300 over? Kevin took a couple pieces from him, maybe Teddy should be able to grab a couple more to get it back close to $60K just my opinion. Fun episode though.

  5. Kevin is hilarious – very witty with a dry sense of alomst British humour! Other than the Octo his picks were the best imo

  6. I think Kevin had the better collection but Teddy killed it with that reverso watch that thing was…

  7. i'm here from kevins channel as far as watches i use a fitbit or a $20 watch from walmart. needless to say i know nothing about nice watches. I pick kevin as the winner i love the look of the Aqua Terra and the black watch

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