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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 25 | MSNBC

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  1. EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT>>>Today in America, Recession Arrives officially on 07/28/2022, as announced and designed exclusively by Joe Biden and Crews very bad policies!!

  2. Why did they never subpoena the Secret Service Agents that miss Hearsay hutchinson implicated in her testimony?
    And why do they show mostly taped interviews instead of live ones?

  3. Nero Trump was fibbing while the capitol was assaulted by his delusional anarchist on his request and democracy was burning. All self evident. So he blamed ANTIFA. Yeah blame the blacks. Works everytime with racist idolaters.

  4. Things are really bad around here. They're going from bad to worse. The new addition to the militias ( El barrio Sanguinary gangs) They continue getting weapons that would put anyone out of circulation. While I was taking a bath I was Terrorized by this professional thieves. They use something that can locate you anywhere in the house,than it picks any part of the body… I just called the police, not that it is going to be of much help, but I just wanted it on record. A car is parked on red, right in front of the area where I'm spending the night. Due to all the terror taking place in this area, I feel very apprehensive. License Plate ( 58471A3) it says Montebello. This maniacs know what they have done to me… They are Big Loosers! Trump is never going to win again.He lost Election 2020 by 1700.. Votes.Don't You get it! Once a Looser, the chances for winning are (0 ) in Trump's case. A kid can tell you that. Not to mention the super luggage the man has picked up with His unwise decisions. Even if there was no January 6, Trump would never win. He was a terrible President. Lacked decor, compassion, integrity…His presidency was Torture…Let it rest! Trump should rest too. He shouldn't be waisting His time running for President again. Anyone will defeat Him. It's Logical…

  5. But……some women fight harder. Some women continue to hide under the bed . It isn’t necessarily that men do not fight, or women do not fight, it is that fear has a strangle hold on many.

  6. I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYONE SPEAK ON ….(WHAT IF) OBAMA WOULD HAVE PLANNED AND EXECUTED A RESURRECTION……. AND DID ALL THAT TRUMP DID. OH WOW!!! I THINK ALL AVAILABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED IN….ARMY…NAVY….MARINE….SECRET SERVICE WOULD HAVE HAD ALL NOTES AND THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT OF DEAD PEOPLE OF COLOR. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO DRAGGING OF THE FEET OF THE DOJ. People of color would have been referred to as the worst of the worst and terroristic threat to the democracy of the great United States, the worst of the worst…..but with the REAL people that were involved…….THEY are called patriots. But…..make American great again……..Really……..!!!!!!! A black man running FROM police gets shot 40+ times……but the police feared for THEIR LIFE. SOME HOW WHITE MASS SHOOTERS SOMETIMES GET TO WALK INTO JAIL. BLACK MAN……LAID TO REST. May God forgive America…………..

  7. The question keep coming up Why is the GOP still following Donald Trump's lead The problem is its easy for overly educated people to overlook the obvious ITS THE MONEY STUPID Donald Trump has been the most productive money raiser for the GOP in the history of the party. The GOP will never give that up !! Take a look at Marjorie Taylor Green One of the dumbest representatives in Washington. Why is it the GOP won't reel her in. She walks in Donald Trumps foot prints when it comes to raising money. The current GOP claim to be a Cristian party, big joke. The only thing they bow down to or worship is MONEY

  8. Rest in peace Emilie Brzezinski. Oh and the former Elna Sorenson aka Mrs Smith.
    Stumbles. Mr Smith goes to Washington to post this query.
    What is a political elite the Washington Post? An artist who socialized….(sic)
    Don't send a woman to do a man's job Rep Carolyn Maloney required by redistricting in 11101 to challenge Rep Jerrold Nadler? May the best woman win – sorry Jerry but Democratic men and fewer Democratic women still don't trust me as the late Emilie used to literally carve out wood with a Buzz Saw whilst they saw me Buzz on and stay relatively Calm.
    A snap inspection today still? No trust as I said.
    I was carved out of British Oak and 16 years later ….. Christian Fascists are preferred. They are just fascists. Not Christian except to say other faiths or those with none – go back to your own imagined countries. Allegedly. America First versus ADL? I am with the Anti Defamation League, the late GERALD LYMAN KENNETH SMITH.
    Now go away!

  9. BIASED Slime bag Cheney, Jerk Kinzinger, Dumb Raskin, corrupt Pelosi & Schiff & Fake News— "Have you no shame!" — as said to Joe McCarthy that ended the 1950s McCarthy-led Red Scare witch-hunt in total Disgrace!!! Also Trump had asked for 20,000 Nat’l Guard to secure Capitol that was refused by Pelosi. Ask her why?! But the biased Dem Committee won’t let you!

  10. The White House Legal Counsel is emphatically NOT the President's personal attorney, much less his criminal defense lawyer!!! He is essentially the legal umpire for everyone in the White House. His job is to let the President and everyone in his administration know what is legal and what is not: whether projected policies or possible executive actions are legal or not.

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