Watch Expert SURPRISES YouTube Star @Calfreezy with $1,500,000 of Watches

THE ONLY thing worth traveling to London is to see @Calfreezy but this was more than just a visit! I surprised the YouTube star with some GOD TIER watches.



  1. I cant understand how you can walk around with no secrurity with over MILLION POUND IN WATCHES

  2. Been looking to buy a god tier watch but I’ve made it a mission to get my first god tier from nico☝️ don’t know how, but I got to haha

  3. One of the guys on stage with you at the London Watch Fair done two of my tattoo's! Be lucky

  4. I noticed you vape, and that you're current using a Innokin endura T18e. I'd be interested to get your feedback on it as I work in a shop and it's by far the biggest selling ecig we sell. Love the content as well.

  5. i've stumble uppon your videos yesterday. Sice then i am binging your videos like hell. I love time pieces but i know i could never afford these time of watches you are reviewing. I finnaly found the GUY that satisfies my addiction for time pieces. Thank you for this.

  6. Nico…stop that vaping $hit! I did it for less than 1 year, and now I breath thru a hole in my neck! I swear it!

  7. That 'come hither' look from Nico at 12:50 had me a little weak in the knees, and I'm completely straight….
    I'd buy a Casio F91W from Nico if he looked at me that way! 🤣

  8. Nico help a man out, I want to invest in a Watch, 5k, what do you recomend that i can sell that after?

  9. Hey Nico, you want some cool bag that are practical? Look into Douchebags by Jon Olsson. You won't regret it.

  10. Hey bro… what’s a good watch for $700 Dollars and under? Please make a video for the event everyday man that works/ goes out on the town/ travels… something everyday / to wear for a special occasion/ gifting for a special occasion/ to honor someone/ or remember a special achievement or moment of someone’s life … what. Brands and watches can we the everyday fan rock/ sport / give the ppl the GOD TIER MOTHAFUCKINGGGGGGGG!!!! Feeling I get from watching your On YouTube.. DOGS BALLOCKS videos !! 🙂

  11. What kind of watch? Patrick Phillips? Just kidding. How many people paused on that watch? Does anyone even realize how SPECIAL THAT MOMENT WAS!?

  12. As a Dutchman that just saw an Scotish, Irish or Elish getting f'ed over makes me proud as a EU!!!

  13. You wanna know something Nico im a irishafrican American and I love ur content for a long time and I can’t wait to come to Belfast with my gshock.

  14. A amazing vídeo tô de pride opinon gallery, congrats to the hole team 👏❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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