Watch Expert Reacts to Watches In Famous Movies (feat. @Joshua Weissman)

I react to watches worn in some of the most famous movies like Wolf of Wall Street, James Bond, and Pulp Fiction. Some of these watches are absolute God Tier (looking at you Back to the Future) while some are absolute bollocks! I also give @Joshua Weissman a call where we discuss licking watches and where “Houston, we have a problem” comes from!

Polishing Cloth:



  1. one of the best cities I ever lived in was Sugar Land Texas outside of Houston… & consider this, I lived in Hawaii for nearly 4 years..

  2. once upon a time in the 80's I had a problem… so I went to Houston.. & they solved it … true story

  3. Question is: would you buy a used Rolex to Nico after all these videos? The «muriel» of Leo in Wolf of Wall Street doesn't make things better, either.

  4. I’ve finally found one thing Ireland has that Scotland doesn’t have. I can now be proud of my Irish heritage. The pride and pinion shop is located there.

  5. Ah mannnn I miss my Casio remote control watch, I also did this channel changing to my neighbours 🤣🤣🤣

  6. 01:47 Making a selling point out of something being two sided while living in a three dimensional world is quite savvy marketing^^

  7. Can't believe this. In the exact moment he says "TAG Heuer is garbage" a TAG Heuer advert comes on. 🤣🤣🤣 That subtle attention to detail it's why I don't pay for a YouTube premium account.

  8. Lol I used to change the channels in my classes with the remote control Casio watch. This was probably 25 + years ago

  9. I used to change the channel on the TVs on display at the Sony shop while I waited for the bus outside using my Radio Shack IR remote control watch. Big laughs.

  10. I just bought a $120 invicta watch and I LOVE it. My brother's have crazy watches but I'm happy with my $120 watch. I can't afford a rolex presidential watch with a diamond bezel like my brother, but I'm happy with my invicta. Make fun of me all you want, but I live in my means.

  11. What does HOUSTON and HUBLOT have in common? They both start with the letter " H " and they BOTH have a Fucking Problem!!!! 😂

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