Watch Expert Reacts to Tom Cruise's WEIRD Watch Collection

Tom Cruise: a magically short man on seemingly endless impossible missions. Does his watch collection match up to his physical height or his monumental stature as an action movie star? I’ll let you know…



  1. One of your biggest fans big guy from the beginning. Hook your man up with a yellow G Shock. God Tier!!!!

  2. Alright I think I am gonna come out and just say it. Contrary to popular belief, I say nico is just full of shit.

  3. Am I the only one who saw that preview of a sidemen sunday???????????

    Thanks in advance Nico…..!!!!

  4. Keeping the scale, you talk crap bud. The British watchmaking was nowhere near back than compared with the Swiss today.

  5. So the IWC Top Gun is an homage to the flying school immortalised in the film but uses a significantly inferior type of chronograph to the one in the film?
    Is this proof that watch companies & watch nerds and have no appreciation of the actual functions of their watches?

  6. Nico, I thought I could get used to your schtick if I watched more than one video. Then I saw one in which you actually said the "C" word. That's a hard word man.
    I wouldn't buy a used Timex from you. Completely unfunny with no redeeming value. Good luck.

  7. Isn't it kind of difficult to judge his watch collection by the watches he's worn in movies? Aren't those generally the property of the production company or whatever prop/wardrobe company they've rented from? And aren't those generally chosen by the costume designer and not the actor themselves?

  8. He does not fly the jet but he is sitting inside an actual jet controlled by an actual pilot, but that's how close we can get to the real thing.

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