Watch Expert Reacts to TikTok Stars FAKE Watches

Today, I react to some of TikToks biggest stars’ fake watches, as well as their dumba$$ dances, and the ultimate match made in heaven between Grant Cardone and sh*tty Hublot.




  1. Imagine getting half way through with the saw and realising you got it mixed up with the real one 😂

  2. TikTok is a disease to society. It makes people who should not be famous, famous. It's trends has killed many people over the years, and it encourages ignorance and stupidity..

  3. Whenever I’m in a shit mood I watch this video and I’m happy again. Also fuck Hublot and fuck candy Ken.

  4. Great video, just shows so many shitsters trying to look rich but in reality, they will never have what it takes to own or respect a real rolex. You can't buy class

  5. Are you related to Gordon Ramsey, because you both stress me out with the yelling and anger, funny I learn a lot from you regarding watches, stop drinking coffee.

  6. The only reason why all of those dumb tik tokers should exist is to have them roasted by Nico Leonard.

  7. Imagine flexing your Hurracan LP610 while sitting in an Aventador SV. Either he’s so rich he can’t tell his cars apart, or he doesn’t know what kind of car his friend has.

  8. My lovely beautiful house called pixies has gone up in prise
    I originally bought it for £410,000 now 1 year later it is worth £700,000

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