Watch Expert Reacts to The Rock’s INSANE Watch Collection

CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN? Watches… He’s cooking watches. Let’s get into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s GOD TIER watch collection!



  1. I can't get on my Diva hasselhoff drip😂but I need me a God Tier Watch On God! I hope the Shlute gon be waterproof like my 30M NaviForce !!! Danko Nico for all the bars you drop and accuracy of timeless timepiece knowledge you forever be dropping.

  2. The story behind the first (old) picture with the Tag Heuer watch (and Dwayne Johnson admitted this while being in one of Jimmy Fallon's shows – super fun edition) is that the watch was fake.

  3. Brilliant video on thevRock watch collection his AP collection. Looks amazing. Even the Hubert look ok a bit bling by but if your a Hollywood action man why not bus down your watches 😎

  4. Who agrees with me, Nico should direct the new James Bond movies and make the movies plot about a worldwide mission to destroy the whole Hubolt watch company.

  5. There’s a bunch of dictators you could review the watch collection of. Hun Sen, sultan of brunei, Thailand’s king, kazakstan’s leader, Chechnya’s leader, Xi xingping etc. Would be adding a little twist of politics to your humorous reviews, and eye opening on the embezzlement of those leaders

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