Watch Expert Reacts to @Stormzy's $4,000,000 Watch Collection

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@Stormzy got us all fooled with an amazing watch collection… until the very end, where we find out he’s a HUBLOT lover. Absolutely tragic bro.



  1. Not a fan of some full-of-diamond-dial, including factory set. Diamonds more for females, and the only thing I like about Hublot is the sapphire dial, which can cause big problems to careless watchmakers, God tier on that.

  2. First off all congratulations for your content, everybody who loves watches always want to know what people owns, collections should be showed and not to be closed in a safety. Here ir Brazil, we have some problems with public security and is difficult to see people wearing their baby’s, but there is a tv show host called Fausto Silva (A.K.A Faustão) with an amazing collection. I’m talking about APs, HYTs, RMs, Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuo, Jacob Chiron and many other, including your beloved Hublot, rsss. It would be nice if you made a video about him.
    Best wishes from Brazil

  3. I wonder if Stormzy ever sees terrible catastrophes in Africa, Haiti, South America, etc. etc. and says to himself “I don’t think I’ll buy a watch today. I’ll donate the money to about 1000 destitute families to enable all of them to stay alive for about ten years!“

    Personally, I’m not going to hold my breath. Which reminds me of the great philanthropist Bono (Current worth $700 million) who once famously shouted, while slow hand clapping from the stage “Every time I clap my hands a child in Africa dies!“ So one bright spark from the back shouted back “Well stop fucking clapping then you cruel bastard!”

    Don’t you just love these rich celebrities?

  4. I just discovered this channel a week ago and I have been watching a lot for your videos, you’re awesome, Nico! Greetings from Colombia, I have a god tier gshock and now I hate Hublot hahaha


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