Watch Expert Reacts to @SteveWillDoIt‘s $2,000,000 Watch Collection

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Hey @SteveWillDoIt if you ever want to buy a watch and smoke, while also spending a $h*t ton of money on your friends, you’re welcome at Pride and Pinion anytime!



  1. hey man are diamond hour markers on datejusts in demand or ppl (like myself) don't like them ???

  2. This guy has given away over 2 mill worth of watches so his personal collection is probably 50 mill lol

  3. Steve hangs out with people convicted of pedophilia. Six Nine and "Harv" have both been convicted of pedophilia.

    By reacting you are promoting someone who gives watches to pedophiles like f*cking kids is ok

  4. Man i don’t want to be in the situation that Someone gifts me the most ugly watch on the fucking Planet

  5. Steve fu-king his fans to a HUGE watch collection! He can tell all his other homeless friends about it as they huddle round the fire in a few!

  6. Bruh the amount of kids at my school that own reallly nice watches be the ones ruining it by putting diamonds all over yes Ik your mom n dad own businesses or are lawyers or neurosurgeon or in the oil industry they’d be coming to school in a AP ICED OUT N ITD BE TOO BIG FOR THEIR WRIST 😐
    N a couple times when they were showing off at basketball games at other schools they would get robbed

  7. Don't be jealous of the people selling the watches ,get jealous of the guy who parties for a living ,records it and can afford to be that to buy all these watches
    Oh and at 20-23 years old too

  8. To bad he made all his money scamming his fans and being pumped up by offshore gambling companies

  9. People spend stupid amounts of money for shit that usually looks ok at best. Most times it's pretty ugly. Buying shit for the name.. pretty stupid, but that's what they choose

  10. nico! love what you do. Just subscribed. But between an Audemar Piguet and a Patek Phillipe which will liquidate more in years to come?

  11. Here you go, this is how you’ll get Steve to buy watches from you.

    Invite him over reach out to his team and gift him a watch, a nice watch, one he might not have. Use it as a tax write off or something— and he will buy the whole store.

    Don’t forget me.


  12. Lost your channel after loosing my account thank you for doing one in Steve I have been waiting for this one .

  13. I still don’t understand when there’s no interest in horology and the timepieces are only statements of wealth and spending. Nor do I understand giving people RM’s when a steady paycheck would be much more beneficial to them.

  14. that money is nothing to him hahahahaha…..cus he will do it,,, he made that choice that many of us cant make kinda like steveo and horse cum lmfao hahahahahaha

  15. “Act a bit normal or I kick ya ass” sorry bud I love ya vids but I got every dime in my name on Steve 😂🤣 think he’d toss you round like a rag doll. He’s a crazy fuck from Florida and he’s jacked. That’s a scary site lol

  16. Thanks for trying to SCAM ME YA DANK!!🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Telling me make my dream come true with helping my gum disease and doing me like that ? Steve will do it alright! But it's no1s fault but my own…🤙🏽

  17. Does anyone else hate it when the staff say "congratulations" after you buy a piece? Like I didn't win this thing, I bought it, if anything, congratulations to YOU salesperson.

  18. Hey bro… what’s a good watch for $700 Dollars and under? Please make a video for the event everyday man that works/ goes out on the town/ travels… something everyday / to wear for a special occasion/ gifting for a special occasion/ to honor someone/ or remember a special achievement or moment of someone’s life … what. Brands and watches can we the everyday fan rock/ sport / give the ppl the GOD TIER MOTHAFUCKINGGGGGGGG!!!! Feeling I get from watching your On YouTube.. DOGS BALLOCKS videos !! 🙂

  19. Y’all need to collab to check out his watch collection in person! 🔥 I saw y’all already decided this just giving the extra push!

  20. I like this guy and how much he knows but his tastes in appearance of a watch will change just because the diamonds are factory mounted like I get it Ik it adds value and the factory did it rather than someone else icing it out but that shit if its white diamonds all looks damn near the exact same and even if he was like “oh they’re not factory set so not my fav obv” but he will almost literally call the mother of the wearer of an iced out watch a whore by comparison

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