Watch Expert Reacts to Robert Lewandowski's INSANE $2,000,000 Watch Collection

Oyster Perpetual Set:

The Polish Prince Robert Lewandowski might have been robbed of the Ballon d’Or (again) but at least he has a f*#king GOD TIER watch collection… and one dog sh!t Hublot…



  1. Grew up in housing and made it to grade 11 but after curving metal for 25 years in north Toronto i was given an ESQ E5471 its the first watch i owned that has all 3 hands actually move so i do appreciate it but i do drool at the amazing works of art and tourbillons and learn from the wild but favourite watch Pro Nico. A Lange and Söhne are my fav's.

  2. RL def deserved it. But I have no problem with the goat getting it. He had a magical year as well.

    If Gorgino would have gotten it, I would have planned a heist to take the trophy back. Lol

  3. Love the video man keep the great content coming. You should react to John Mayers watch collection. Just watched a video he did with Hodinkee, was insane

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