Watch Expert Reacts To Rappers' Insane Luxury Watches

Big Gandalf trashes inferior rappers luxury watches. I wish I had the power of Gandalf to make some of these awful watches disappear!



  1. U can tell that these rappers don't have anyone around them giving them good financial advice. Putting trash diamonds on a 80k rolex doesn't make the rolex worth more money. It devalues the fuck out of it. So when they inevitably go broke they can't even get a third of the initial value of the rolex.

  2. Nico so basically what you’re saying is you can buy a watch for $80k get diamonds put into it and it would actually lower the value instead of raising?

  3. It’s actually very sad. Rappers and athletes are the most targeted. These billionaires use marketing to convince dullards to waste money instead of invest. When they get em to live rich they die broke thus breaking the wealth cycle for their families. It’s an old trick the bankers use to keep minorities poor. It’s actually evil genius at its best. Convince the undesirables to invest in waste I.e. fashion, jewelry, cars ect so the real investments are “safe”. Property, art and company ownership is the true flex.

  4. They will look at an ACTUAL 60K watch and get them “iced out” and then bam, the value goes from 60K to maybe 15K. And it’s only worth that much because of who the person is that owned it.

  5. OK I have the answer for the rappers go to specialty shops all around the world that have these watches that already have diamonds put in them and buy them that way or if they do buy them factory sick they will bust them down which in turn destroying the value as you say

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