Watch Expert Reacts to Johnny Depp's TERRIBLE Watch Collection

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Right off of fighting COVID and giving it the middle finger, we’re looking at Johnny Depp’s ability to swoon the pants off of women – sh$t I mean his terrible watch collection!



  1. He's been bashed by a chick and had Nico shit on his watch collection 😂 just lower the coffin and throw the dirt on it already

  2. How can you say that that Cartier is ugly and then cream yourself over some gaudy gold Rolex, this guy has all the taste of a 13 year old gypsy

  3. I absolutely love the first couple of watches, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For example i really dislike a lot of “mainstream” watches which are loved by many.

  4. Nico: im wearing THE 5146J ✨yellow gold✨Patek Philippe annual calendar AND ITS FOR SALE ladies and gentlemen 😉

    Nico literally 3 seconds later: just fucking eats it

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