Watch Expert Reacts to Jeremy Clarkson's Watch Collection (Top Gear Hosts)

I react to the Top Gear hosts’ (aka the better of the hosts) and their watches. Top Gear is the best series ever created, hands down, but their watches are absolute class! These guys just f@%king get it.

Pride and Pinion Reddit:



  1. Well, if Clarkson is 6’4 (193cm), that explains why everyone is saying a 41+mm watch is big. I (as a 15 year old guy) am wearing a 44mm watch, and it fits perfectly. But I’m 183cm (a little bit more then 6 feet). This explains it all 😂

  2. how much fun we can get when seeing the car crashing sidekick wears rolex, the connoisseur sidekick says gold and two-tone and diamond-mounted watches suck, and the legendary Jeremy wears Omega. uh man butt is painfully burning. nice gold rolex you wearing there by the way nico.

  3. Forget the watches for a minute…Clarkson notes that no one ever asks him WHY he punched Piers Morgan but people always just want to know WHERE! Frankly, Clarkson could have done nothing else in his life…literally NOTHING, but he will always get free beer from me in a pub just for punching Piers Morgan.

  4. Imho Clarkson is a tit. One thing I will say though is like him or not he makes a good show I actually really enjoyed clarksons farm my neighbour is a big fan he drove 50 odd miles to the cotswolds and paid 7.50 pounds for two pints of milk wtf. Then gws trying to tell me its from his farm I said how he farms arable stuff I.e oats what corn that kind of shit I really recommend clarksobs farm even if you dislike him, it's a good show.

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