Watch Expert Reacts to Jay Z's INSANE $25,000,000 Watch Collection

Jay Z isn’t just one of the greatest rappers ever and married to an absolute babe but he also has one of the most expensive watch collections in the world even with some sh$ty looking Hublot watches. F$!king hell mate!

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  1. How does the steel version go for over 30 mill yet the white gold one is 6 mill??? I’d want the gold over steel 100%! But I can’t afford either so I’m FOOKED either way lol 🤦🏻‍♂️😢

  2. The value of some of his watch collection makes me feel that all the money I've earned and I'll be earning isn't gonna reach one of his watches 😂 that's insane

  3. 6:56 31 million and it’s for a steel version?

    How come white gold (arguably more expensive and higher worth) is just worth a fifth in your opinion?

    Or maybe you effed up talking? I dunno

  4. You are espeoto in watches it seems great to me I am from Ecuador and I have very expensive watches too that maybe you can know about them since you say you know a lot I have Rolex Comex I have Patek Bacherom Breguet and some more I do not see you with watches so good that Let's say

  5. I carry insurance on my watches, for the hell of it, I added my Casio GA2100-1A1, my insurance agent laughed at me. I told him to watch your Youtube videos. He apologized!

  6. Nice vlog you have to fix your back! You need to hang from your arms every day for 30 seconds rest 30 seconds do this 3 times after 1 mouth increase to 45 seconds do not take your feet off the ground just bend your knees. Enjoy
    PS if you need more information just put it in the comments

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