1. Buying watches hoping they will appreciate is dumber than buying gold.. if it doesn't generates income it's garbage, sure watchs appreciate but most do not outpace inflation much less stocks/housing when accounting for rent paid

  2. Man…honestly i prefer to be one of them "scammers" than a chipmunk talking shit about these dudes while his hands sweat in a london bus/tube不
    Life lesson: " the dog bark, but the caravan goes on"

  3. The watch is stupid , they all are over priced , instead of collecting watches maybe choose one you dont want and buy a new white front tooth my guy

  4. You can tell he knows jack shit about investing because he considers a watch a stupid investment, he makes all his money through the misfortune of others.

  5. Who the fuck buys a watch after it's gone up? That's what I wanna know, where are these people buying all these watches that shot up over hundreds of thousands or even milions.

  6. The watch didn't increase by $300,000, the dollar lost that mutch of its own value. A few years ago 400,000 dollars would buy the watch, now it takes 700,000 dollars to do so..

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