Watch Expert Reacts to Ed Sheeran's $6,000,000 Watch Collection

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Ed Sheeran is one of the more simply looking humans in the world and yet has all the women chasing him, and some of the most outrageous watches. I don’t get it! Give me a guitar, $6 million worth of watches and I bet nobody would be able to resist me either!



  1. His collection is pathetic I got 3 discontinued G-Shocks in Red, Black, and Army Green. Worth $200. I paid $150 for all three. Best investment watch.

  2. In America you do the "Wet Finger" to tell what way the wind is blowing, but you use your index finger not your thumb

  3. Nico: Guess what metal the watch is made of
    Camera guy: stainless Steel
    Nico: 🤦🏾‍♂️ufff! The watch ⌚is black mate

    This had me in tears 😂😂

  4. “a finger in the air” guess is absolutely an English saying. “thumb in the air” is presumably of similar derivation.

  5. If someone gave me a Richard Mille, I’d have it sold before you could say ‘that’s just a gaudy G-shock’ and I’d by myself lots of nice watches 🤷🏼‍♂️ P.s you can shove that ‘god tier’ watch up your ‘ronson’ bruv !!!

  6. Why the fuck RM's so expensive? In my eyes they look something that belongs in McDonalds Happy Meal Deal. All of them look like shit by design and just marketing going balls deep without a kiss before or after with their 'limited edition' bullshit.

  7. I Mexican slang we have that “wet finger” thing and is to tell where the wind is blowing but is a totally guess apparently if your finger is wet you can tell where the air is blowing

  8. the wet finger thing comes from the story of the boy who saved nertherlands by sticking in finger in leaking Dyke. Im from Kenya and i know this c,mon guys!!!

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