Watch Expert Reacts to Avengers Cast Watches (Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland)

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I react to the Avengers cast members like Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth’s watches. After seeing their watches (which are absolute crackers of some watches), I cannot believe it took the bastards two movies to beat some purple bloke who has a ball sack for a chin.



  1. Do you know the avengers? I know Wolverine. Close enough!!.. Bruv imagine Wolverine becoming an avenger because of the multiverse. I swear his channel is growing on me

  2. Well done. Tom Holland wins and is my favourite character too . Nico is just plain hilarious to watch about watches, but he needs to stop holding back his opinions🤔😉

  3. how is this dude gonna give cartier props for the santos (although, rightfully so) and then shit on the j12. the j12 is probably #1 or #2 in terms of all time designs for ladys' watches, with only the cariter santos or tank being it's equal. even the lady datejust is probably less influential then the j12.

  4. Nico, have you been under a rock regarding pop culture for the past decade or something?? Get with the program!

  5. I'm happy to see that on Pride and Pinion, beyond the solid gold Rolexes and the Patek Phillipe Nautiluses, the God tier watch is the last and greatest

  6. Some of the characters wore interesting watches in the movies themselves. Strange in his movie, Tony Stark in the first Spiderman movie, etc.

  7. The fanatical menu immunophenotypically phone because work primarily dance like a assorted refrigerator. empty, second barge

  8. Wtf you don’t who dr strange is lol you been under a fucking rock acting like Sméagol with ur watches my guy lmfao

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