1. A broke ass rapper looking at this list ready to bust down a watch brand he has never heard in a rap song so he can think he a pioneer and say you never seen one of them… so a rich white person can see that shit laugh at them and say ummm nice.

  2. I would probably say from first to last of the more mainstream stuff obviously brands like FP journe are beyond even pateks level but for the big brands if go:
    Rolex (for their historical importance not as much their modern watchmaking)
    Breguet (insane value for money watchmaking)
    Blancpain (same as breguet)
    ALS (an acquired taste)
    AP (very overrated as a watchmaker but again historically very important for the industry)
    JLC (Impressive as ever)
    Grand Seiko (I mean anyone denying them at this point haven't handled one, but yes they still have some ways to go)
    Glashütte original (still not at the Blancpain or Breguet level but they're getting there)

    Honourable mentions would be Richard Mille, Bvlgari, Cartier, Zenith and Piaget.

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