Watch Expert EXPOSES Corruption Within ROLEX. THE TRUTH.

Our USA tour comes to an end! We explore an INSANE $10,000,000 mansion in Miami, visit @Roman Sharf in Philadelphia and I explain why Rolex authorised dealers are RUINING the watch industry!

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  1. My fathers friend worked in the diamond district for over something like 60 years fixing watches. I think sadly he’s moved on to the better life after this one

  2. same with all dealers of luxury brands all over the world… try service at a Ferrari or Porsche dealer…

  3. Bro get to america, every raper wants a dope watch, THAT ANT FAKE! Your put your face, & rep on the line, & sell REALL Genuine watches! You can take over bro!

  4. Love the video. Authorised dealers. I went into Fraser Hart dressed like a tramp and they were fantastic I came out with a breitling avenger night mission and got treated like royalty so went back the next day and bought a Tudor BB chronograph again they recognised me probably thought that tramp sure knows how to ask for spare change 🤣

  5. I had a great experience at my local AD. I went in to see about sending my Breitling, absolutely horrible customer service. They outright lie to upsell you! Walk over to the Rolex display case talked to their expert, told her I wanted a dive watch (all while covered in drywall dust from work) and a two weeks later she called with a Sea Dweller.

  6. Nico, what's your opinion on Luxury Bizarre allegedly selling fake ray bans? Read a little about it, and was curious what your thoughts were.

  7. How close to the steering do you sit, I guess it might be an optical illusion compounded by the gut. Boutiques will demolish the dealers, and will eventually affect the market positively? What percentage of units are held by dealers, and considered as sales.

  8. I finally bought a Yachtmaster 42 at an AD. Couldn’t believe it when they told me I could buy it. Last AD I visited and used for jewelry work actually laughed at me when I asked to buy an Explorer II. Lost my business which is substantial.

  9. “The fact that people have to be grateful to spend their own money”.

    Its kind of F up when you think about it.

  10. Why are the most youtuber screaming and picture them selves with wide open mouth. Is it for showing their breakfast or is it just lack of intelligence. I think its just embarrassing to see all this open mouth, Blondie do the same and a lot other, and this fellow call him self a watch expert screaming all the time. I selling close to 1000 near new cars every year, but if I should scream and show my throat, my customers would think I gone mental.

  11. if it was other way around grey market would collapse, watches available in AD=normal prices=no resell added value

  12. Take that energy to the gym and dress better when you are visiting someone that lives in an amazing house like that!

  13. Well said brother!!! I appreciate you and what you do. I shall be buying my first ROLEX from you.

  14. Walked into a local Rolex AD and really hit it off with my sales person, gave him a list of 4 watches I was interested in. 2.5 months later got a call that one of my desired watches (Datejust 126334 Blue dial Roman numerals) had come in. Jumped at the opportunity. Never in a million years did I think I’d get a Rolex this fast.

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