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  1. Rolex is fine, but the people who buy them are infuriating. People who buy Hermes or Gucci own the fact that they are buying those items because they have money and want the status. So if Rolex fans would follow that example and stop lying about why they buy rolex to themselves and others that'd be great.

  2. Rolex were hated way before the current state of the market. Among regular people it was the brand associated with greedy Wall Street bankers. Watch fans had a bit more respect as they knew the history but also disliked that Rolex was perceived as being the best while it could be argued they never were the best.

  3. Yes I hate Rolex too but the finishing of a Rolex is way better than the competition. These shiny and glamorous watches from Rolex can’t be ignored. You may hate it but cannot ignore it.

  4. I'd love a Rolex Explorer if i could afford one. But people tripping over themselves to buy one while they are not that rare of special is bewildering.

  5. Rolex = bull crap! I was on a waiting list for 3 years for a gmt and the shop decided that they had too many people waiting so just rubbed me off the list!? Goodbye rubbish!

  6. I avoided Rolex for years for 2 main reasons.

    1. They never had anything that I found to be visually appealing or interesting enough to buy.

    2. Most of their owners know close to nothing about watches and have this unjustifiable, flexing, frat boy mentality. Relax Chad, you managed to get very well marketed and popularized brand of decent quality that is not without faults.

  7. Grand Seiko spring drive movement is the most advanced in the world .
    Far far superior to anything on sale in Switzerland.
    The body quality is far superior to the million mass produced watched produced by Rolex .
    Roles is a fashion brand not a watch company .

  8. It’s getting harder and harder because formal wear and attire is dying… they smartly. Restricted their output in put a wait time luxury tax on it and gets people starving for a watch

  9. I find Rolex is to watches as Mercedes Benz is to cars. Some people just buy them on brand recognition alone. That's fine if that's their objective, but people who "know" know there are many other choices.

  10. I use to watch a lot of your videos but seriously you been playing the same music every video for years like it’s extremely annoying and it made me completely stop watching your vids

  11. At this point I’m like eventually I’ll own one I’m not in a rush if I walk in they say I’m on a waitlist for 3 years then I’ll say okay pit me on the list but during that time I’ll definitely be looking elsewhere…

  12. Watchfinder, I need some transparency here. Are you getting paid by Rolex? You always have to mention them. Even if it's about another watch you mention Rolex. Your titles are "This watch is better than a Rolex," "Before you buy a Rolex, see this," or something to the sort. Because of this, I have cut down watching your videos. I may be 1 person, but if there's me, there must be others. But hey, if you lose a few, and gain many for dropping Rolex, then I know you're not really about the watches anymore. Thanks for the years, I'll be cancelling my subscription now.

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