WATCH BUSTERS | Busting People Who Have Or Are Selling Fake Luxury Watches | Marco Educates | Ep.1

Anthony and Marco bust people who or are selling fakes. A compilation of PAST FOOTAGE from both season 1 & 2. Additionally, Marco helps a client over the phone who got screwed buying parts from overseas for a watch. Then Marco breaks down a watch and explains how fake watches are made and what to look for.
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  1. Damn this is a saucy concept! Please do more of these. I’m always so skeptical buying my watches because of the HUGE black and grey market!

  2. What a great video!! Thank you for taking the time to educate us. I’m so sick of all the counterfeit rolexes. I have had the money for the last 2 years to buy a two tone sub but won’t pull the trigger because I’ve been burnt in the past. Thanks guys

  3. His mask at the start is literally useless. shit doesn’t even cover his nose lmao what’s the point

  4. One of my friends has a pawn shop in his area and they buy and sell fake watches all the time. He bought a Gucci and Movado from them and I opened them and it was all Chinese movements God knows if they have Rolex or omegas that are fake there too .

  5. I can see why Marco is your business partner. Super smart guy. Had he said the watch was a FUGAZI, I would have lost it….lol

  6. I hate this industry. Specifically Rolex. Not only will they refuse to authenticate their own fucking watches, but they don’t even have a serial number that you can verify with a database. The number that’s written on the plastic card means basically nothing. The card and the box can easily be counterfeited. “Comes with papers“ means absolutely nothing. Nobody selling these fucking watches has any original purchase receipts from Rolex. Apparently all you guys selling to each other and then to us, never bother to expect a fucking original purchase receipt. How convenient is that, considering it’s the most faked product on the planet? How is this even a thing? My Rolex dealer is offering one type of datejust. That’s it. One. Among all its watches, that’s the only thing they’re selling in the store. So I’m forced to buy secondhand. And every single watch in my collection could be fake. And I wouldn’t even know it. Because nobody can verify or authenticate it. The whole thing is a bunch of horseshit, and all you guys selling these watches without expecting original purchase receipts from Rolex, are helping perpetuate the problem. Don’t say that receipts can be faked. Receipts can always be verified with the original company. But in this case, the original company probably wouldn’t even bother to do that. The whole thing is completely fucked and makes no sense.

  7. I understand calling people out for selling replicas as real. But calling someone out for wearing a replica just makes you an asshole.

  8. The thing about this videos is that Chinese fake watches manufactures they watch them so they know what to do better next time

  9. I don't know shit about watches other than they tell time, I just came to see people get called out

  10. Might want to take down this video… anything that even mentions fake watches, even in a very negative light, has been getting targeted by YouTube and getting whole channels removed

  11. I just brought a Jaragar Navitimer with NATO band for $50.00. Looks like a $6000.00 Breitling Navitimer, i'am happy with it!

  12. good guy to offer your time to check on the Average Joe's possible real or fake Watch. Great video, I was looking for a video just like yours to really explain and cover a few tale signs of a fake "Rolex" watch.

  13. Their knowledge of the individual components of the watches just knowing the watch number, which year means what differences on the same type of watch and to price it all including breakdowns of the component prices blows my mind.

  14. I have a Rolex my grandfather gave to me. It stays in my safe. I never wear it. Not because i dont like it or am afraid of being robbed, but because my phone tells me the time and its also so heavy

  15. So basically when I’m rich and blow cash on Rolex’s your the guy I’m buying it from. Cool video.

  16. I have a replica Patek Phillippe. I'll obviously never own an original, and the Replica is super nice. I have no intention of passing it off as original for sale or otherwise. I bought mine from a high end replica dealer in Istanbul. Well worth the 400 euros at least to me. My price range for a watch is sub $500. Do you see a problem with wearing affordable replicas as long as they aren't being passed off as originals?

  17. You shouldn't of blurred there faces, I would of put them on blast for trying to steal from you guys.

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