Watch Brands That Prove You Are Deeply Into Watches (Part 2)

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As a watch enthusiast, I always have my eye out for other peoples’ watches out in the wild, and there are a few brands where you know you’re dealing with a watch nerd as soon as you see them. In this video, I’ll share even more of the brands that are an excellent indicator of watch enthusiasm and also talk about what makes the brands so appealing to our highly-specific audience. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this two part series, check it out via the link above!

Ball Engineer M Marvelight Review:
Stowa Flieger Classic Review:
Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer:
Sinn U50 Review:
Mühle Glashütte Panova Review:
Mühle Glashütte Terrasport:
Mühle Glashütte ProMare Go:
Mühle Glashütte SAR Rescue Timer:
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Ti Review:

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms History Pt. 1 (From @Blancpain ):
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms History Pt. 2 (From @Blancpain ):

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  1. Brands that prove you're a watch noob.
    1. Invicta
    2. Hublot
    3. Anything bought from Ali Express
    4. Anything bought from the same store you bought your underwear.

  2. Really enjoying Teddy’s videos, watching dozens this week! But likewise I didn’t get the TGV effect comment. If there’s a group of people who have soured to a brand because of another person that sounds like a them problem. TGV has pulled thousands into the hobby.

  3. I've been in love with watches since I begged my parents to gift me one for my Kindergarten graduation in 1966 and they reluctantly bought me a Timex Mercury from the drug store. I was definitely an odd-ball in my working class family for being a watch geek! DNA testing has revealed however that I was not switched at birth! Thanks Teddy for your work.

  4. Thanks for this, Teddy. But what about radio controlled watches? You emphasise the Reliability of the military sponsored watches (Hamilton, CWC. Vostok, et al). Generally, a mechanical or automatic watch loses as much time – in a Day – as a quartz watch does in a Month. Importantly, a radio controlled watch may lose just one second in 138,000 years. That's the claim of Tavistock & Jones watches. 'T & J' are British. They're fine traditional styled watches. Only £79.99 – and currently half price £39.99 online. I have one myself: it speaks the time and wakes me up – and self-adapts to any time zone it finds itself in. Amazing! (OK, I wouldn't use it in water. But who wants to?)

  5. You know someone is not a true watch enthusiast if they are wearing a Rolex (probably fake) or a Tag Heuer. Heuer were great but TAG ruined the brand and made them the choice of Chavs.

  6. The 1962 hit film, Dr No, not only introduced the world to James Bond, it introduced the rest of the world to Rolex. July 20th, 1969… the Moon Landing introduced the rest of the world to the Omega Speedmaster. And, Aviation Enthusiasts introduced the rest of the world to Breitling~!

  7. I have a well maintained 1959 Jeager le Coulter automatic and a Brietling Chronogragh and thought I was into watches. Obviously not knowing about other lesser known brands makes me not into watches. Strange

  8. DOXA Sub! Saw it once on NYC metro, he was wearing Divingtar, I got my Pro. Before he got off, he looked at me lift up left arm give it a shake and wink at me. I pointed mine and gave a thumb up with a nod. That was kinda funny.

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