Was I Wrong? Are Citizen Watches Any Good?

In this Citizen BM7360-82L Super Titanium review, I answer the question: are Citizen watches any good? Was I too harsh on them in my tier list video?
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  1. Love Citizen. I've just bought another, this time an automatic promaster diver's 200 metres, certificated thingy, the rest of mine are eco-drives. Banter is one thing but entirely dismissing them and slagging them off is another. Citizen has many fans and there are many other watch channels out there.

  2. Around 1997, I picked up a Citizen Skyhawk Eco-Drive for $470 from my jeweler. List was $650 I believe. It's still working and showing little wear on the bracelet clasp. It still keeps time and is radio controlled. It's the only watch I wear. Of course I don't wear it when working on my car or house. I think Citizen's are a great value.

  3. I have two Citizen watches in my collection. One Promaster and one Chronomaster, both are excellent watches in their own right. The promaster rivals Seikos SKX series and the Chronomaster is on par with Grand Seiko in terms of finish while offering perpetual calendar and solar recharge.

  4. I know its at the very high end, but the Caliber 0100 – amazing with an accuracy of +/- 1 second a year – any Watch company that can engineer something like this has my Vote

  5. I agree with you Ben. I've followed Citizen for years and have the small field watch (which is great once I swapped the nylon green strap out) but that's it as everything else is too big. In the UK the brand seems to be positioned for the casual buyer. There's far too many compromises on the watch you reviewed, the male end links just kills it.

  6. I bought a Citizen watch as a graduation gift for myself and it has been running flawlessly for 7 years. The only thing I have to do with the watch is to adjust the date every other month.

  7. Citizens are amazing even in the luxury class (such as the Chronomaster), comparing detail wise to a Grand Seiko, but unfortunately you have to import those from Japan. I guess there's not much of a North American market for such things, likely due to the preconceptions most of us have regarding Citizen.

  8. S Tier? Probably not. A tier? Definitely. Titanium Eco-Drives are a dream to wear.

    The only service I've ever needed done to my eco-drives is band adjustments. My oldest is 17 years old!

  9. Citizens are built to last and tend to be very accurate. My 10 year old Citizen Eco-Drive is strangely more accurate than my fairly new Casio G-Shock GD350.
    However, the misalignment is an issue.

  10. Dear sir, when I watched the video I first thought he’s just trolling for shock value. I did not think you would actually come back and make things right. Thanks

  11. Personally I own a citizen eco drive WR100. I wear it every day and the only thing I don’t like about it is the timer(which looks like a second hand) is at the 6 o’clock position. It’s supposed to be at the 12 o’clock position.

  12. citizen watches are fantastic. I own/ have owned may Citizens. Great QC, excellent time keeping, never needs a battery. Their chronos and divers are especially good. Just try to find ones with sapphire crystal when possible. The Chandler and Attesa series are personal favorites. If you prefer smaller watches, the chandler AT0200-05E is 39mm. I've owned it for years and can say it's a great piece, even with the mineral crystal.

  13. Ben, to be fair re your comment about Citizen designs leaving you cold, I feel the same way about Seiko watches. And yet they seem to be on every watch collector's wishlist.

    Every SOTC video I view, it's like. "Here's my cherished Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and here's my Omega Speedmaster . . . And then here's my dozen Seiko divers' watches."

    I just don't understand the enduring appeal of those clunkers.

  14. That BM7360-82L overall looks tastefully restrained in its look, and like it would serve equally well for formal or casual situations. But that two-tone stripe design on the face looks like it was based on your mother's wallpaper.

  15. Citizen is one of my favorites brand, in my old days a digital Casio is my daily watch and a "tank" gold tone of Citizen quartz wear for weekend, both all accompany with me with twenty happy years, and now I have an eco drive and I believe that another twenty happy years will on it way.

  16. Citzen watches are amazing especially with the watches they have their main focus on when it comes to technology. Such as the chronomaster line and their new mechanical movements.

  17. I have an Eco Drive Citizen and for almost 10 years it has kept dead on time and still looks good. I would call it a solid watch that is worth the money.

  18. Like Seiko, Citizen needs to learn the meaning of the word: ALIGNMENT. I love Citizen, but, like Seiko, you are just as apt to end up with a Citizen with the chapter rings, second hands or dials out of whack as not. Or all of them at once.

  19. One of the great things about Citizen is that they seem to have more sapphire crystals at lower prices than other companies, at least from what I've seen. That's key for someone looking for an affordable watch. I expect a watch case to get banged up over time but I want the crystal to be pristine.

  20. Casio watches are fantastic value and the second hand hits the spot on all of mine. Citizen in my experience have much better build quality than Seiko. I've had many watches from both and nearly all of the Seiko's have been moved on. I do agree Citizen does have an issue overall with their designs.

  21. I'm mostly interested in the field watch collection / Eco drives, how they look / perform & etc, but they're definitely not cheap.
    Idk if tier B is correct, but for sure they're not S tier in the affordable watch rankings.
    I'd say they could be an S, if we're talking about practicality price-to-performance. definitely more worth it than Seikos…

  22. Well,having both citizens and casios(analog) in my collection,I can say Casio QC is much better and definitely more durable. Analog citizen watches compared to comparable analog Casio watches don't handle shocks well. Edifice/dress Casio watches specifically.

  23. Hi Ben, you should look at Citizen NJ0100. Striking dial and reasonable case finishing. It has a aviator/field style with cushion case style.

    It's one of their Citizen Automatic line, priced $100USD or less sometimes. Maybe it could attract your interest.

  24. Can't blame you for giving your opinion, even if I'm not 100% with you on that, I must admit that the vast majority of the Japanese watches are way to big. A look at the recently launched Seiko Prospex LX line, amazing watches, superbly designed but only suited for Godzilla shaped people. There is more than a niche for watches like the SKX013, the midsized one, now long discontinued. The Swiss are downsizing, 38mm galore, with vintage styled watches, even chronograph, see Zenith, Breitling or Rolex bringing back the 36 explorer. Yes, even AliExpress watches are following the tendency…. San Martin, cough, Will see, but I think Citizen deserves more love, if they could bring back their huge exquisite vintage catalogue… Bring back the Bullhead, not that oversized blocky monster you have on the catalogue, to name just one.

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