Unboxing The Weirdest Watches On Amazon – How Bad Are They?

In this video, I unbox some of the weirdest watches on Amazon. Who even buys this stuff?!
Thanks to Amazon for covering the cost of the watches being unboxed here.

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Starking Automatic:
Casio MQ-24:

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  1. Weirdest watch I've ever seen was a ladies rose gold coloured watch (Chinese made) which had a spinning dial. Sort of a cross between a watch and a fidget spinner. You shook the watch and the dial would spin round. Intrigued, I decided to order it (Amazon) as it was only £2.99. Delivery day came and went so I got onto Amazon to find the watch was no longer available. They were good about it and issued a refund and a credit for my disappointment (wasn't expecting much in the first place). So, I will have to remain intrigued.

  2. Buy the original single hander, a Soviet Luch, nice movement, reliable, easy for parts and a lot cheaper than the Mast lol

  3. That Lancaster looks like a direct rip off on the watch I am wearing now, the ultra rare Pulsar YM62-X156 which has that very striking stacked coins main body… did like the Lancaster though as I like big beastie watches 😀

  4. I think the weirdest Chinese watch I own is a Temeise… it is an actual full chronograph but instead of hands there are spinning coloured turbines, however a design oversight meant they forgot to put a reference on dial and turbines so good luck trying to actually understand the chrono turbines or the 24hr wheel. What else is weird it is bigger than an Invicta Bolt II Zeus Magnum, seriously super heavy and I got mine in the gold chrome and it looks like I got some rappers arm when I wear it. Its bigger than my Invicta Russian Diver or my TW Steels Chrono…

  5. This is a great series for new watch collectors (if it is a series at all). So many "flashy" watches at low price points that are just complete ripoffs. If you see multiple "vendors" using the same model at low prices you're buying garbage. Ultimately follow your gut feeling.

  6. So you've never seen or heard of the one handed watches /clocks ? Best not pretend you know anything about watches mate

  7. That first one really stumped you with having to double tap to turn the screen on, rather than dozens of one taps.

  8. 6:01 Or Pennsylvania. Though since Hamilton is now based out of Switzerland, I’m not sure how much use the Amish have for wristwatches.

  9. Crap channel… Only cheap ass watches reviewed, negative content: let's not talk about anything positive, let's just bash Kickstarter brands and all the "bought off" You Tube channels, now let's make fun of ugly cheap watches revelling in the knowledge that we are the true connaisseurs owning SKX's and Casio's, not MVMT nor DW… LMAO

  10. Owned the Casio watch for a few years, didn't have a problem and it was very durable for what i put it through highly recommend that one.

  11. This was awful. I don’t understand how any of these are considered “weirdest watches”. You use the digital watch wrong, ignore the instructions, and blame the watch for your incompetence. You are baffled by a one hand watch- something incredibly common in the watch community. Is this whole video a troll? Are you an idiot?

  12. These are not the weirdest watches out there. These are just normal watches. I was expecting weird watches like the steampunk watch. You need to do more research before you make a video like this. I'm no way vh expert put I know that my much. If I could write this one out of 10 I would give you a 1

  13. I have a starking watch with skeletonized design. The movement works fine, looks great until you grab a magnifying glass and it also impresses others. Best 40€ I've ever spent tbh.

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