Tudor Black Bay Pro – Is it too thick?

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Hands-on review of the new 2022 Tudor Black Bay Pro.
How thick is the Tudor Black Bay Pro?
The Tudor Black Bay Pro is 14.6mm thick
Is the Tudor Black Bay Pro too thick?
Tudor Black Bay Pro vs GMT

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  1. I do think think there’s a difference between waitlist because it’s new and waitlist because of AD fuckery where you have to prove you’re good enough. Either way with time the BB Pro will become readily available in ADs like the GMT

  2. I honestly really like the bracelet design on my BB GMT. The faux rivets don’t bother me at all. If you don’t like the way they look that’s one thing but I don’t think the fact that they’re fake should be a reason not to buy it. If you say so I’m going to personally inspect your collection for watches with faux patina lume…I see you

  3. My friend has one and I love the way it fits on my wrist and I really like the weight of it. He's not sure about how "top heavy" it is, but I enjoy it

  4. The AP royal Oak Offshore ‘Beast’ is 14.4mm thick for comparison sake. Also i really dislike the fake rivets on the bracelet.

  5. The watch’s thickness will not change between now and 3 years from now, but I’ll bet plenty of people’s assessment of “is it too thick” will. 😉

  6. I watched your review awhile back, went to my local AD on the 21st of May, to register interest. I got it today full retail very happy Just over 3 weeks waiting. Thanks for your reviews I enjoy your content

  7. Tried the Pro on two weeks ago and specifically brought my BB58 for comparison. Needless to say, I am now on the waitlist and had no issue with the weight/thickness. Like others have stated, try it on first and then decide.

  8. Thanks for the info dude, just a small note – The brown and black Tudor and Rolex watches are ‘root beer’, the ‘Pepsi’ variants are blue and red. Definitely prefer the root beer out of the two

  9. The thickness is okay unless you expect it to slip under a shirt sleeve. If fits well enough on a small wrist. I have a chrono that is 1.5mm slimmer but I couldn't tell the difference when I'm wearing it. The crystal does stick up quite a bit but it doesn't bother me. If they made it with a flat crystal then it might on paper satisfy the murmurs about it being too thick but it probably wouldnt wear much different but I'd suggest it'd lose a bit charm for what I personally see as an irrelevant 1.5mm. There are thinner GMTs out there so it's buyer's preference but I don't see these languishing in the display cases for at least the next 2 years.

  10. Not too thick at all. I have 6.75 inch wrists. Wears smaller than my Seamaster 300m which is slimmer. Love this thing! Perfect go anywhere do any thing adventure watch.

  11. Why Tudor have to launch everything under the Blackbay umbrella… call it something else and drop the WR to 100m to reduce the thickness by 1.5mm and it will be perfect.

  12. Tudor are really killing it at the moment. I'm pleased for them. Lots of watch ppl have had it with Rolex.

  13. Yes off course its too think mate! 14.6mm on a 39 mm watch? off course its going to be top heavy. Tudor have been extremely lazy with this design, no one wanted a 39mm with over 14mm of thickness. Thats IWC chronograph territory!

  14. I think 39mm is too small, if it were like 42mm, then I'd jump on this one. Also, 200M water resistance should be at least 300M.

  15. I totally agree with everything you said… Not only about the watch which I really like but also about the terrible waiting lists and queues…I currently wear a gmt 16710 which is on my wrist for almost 20 years. I want this bb pro as a daily watch I believe it ticks all the boxes.. Sport, elegant, tool, travel…

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