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Today we are looking at the Top 5 Rolex Models that are very likely to increase in value in 2021/2022. What are your thoughts on these models? Which one is missing?
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1. Rolex Submariner:
2. Rolex Sea-Dweller:
3. Rolex Milgauss:
4. Rolex Oyster Perpetual:
5. Rolex GMT-Master II:

Time Stamps:
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01:04 Rolex Prices
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04:45 Watch 2
07:00 Watch 3
09:30 Watch 4
11:53 Watch 5
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  1. Impressive, I realized that the secret to making a million is saving for a better investment..  I always tell myself you don’t need that new BMW or that new Rolex just yet and that mindset helps me make more money investing in the real market. For example last year I invested 100 grand in blue chip stocks  (with the help of my advisor Rita Wildrin Mora of course) and made 450k, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her again and now I’m rounding up close to a million. Hoping to get to 2 In 6 months

  2. Loved the video!!! I like the Rolex Seadweller 16600 for an everyday watch BUT I have to admit that the Milgauss is my favorite. It’s unique and fun. I think it adds some flare to an outfit while also continuing to maintain Rolex’s sophisticated style. I like to think of it as Rolex’s version of a sports car. It’s fun, eye catching, and luxurious. I love it!

  3. I would most definitely go for the 116710LN. A beautiful piece I could wear everyday, whilst going slightly under the radar. Fingers crossed I win then!!

  4. I just picked up my first Rolex the other day. A OP 41 green. Priced at almost 17k on the market. No plans to sell but it’s fun to watch it climb up will be curious to see if it goes up or down in the years to come and to see if they do discontinue the colorful dials

  5. Im glad I bought my (2 line) sub when I did, I got in on a sub, then found a 5k blue hologram face two tone thunderbird on jubilee for a dress watch. With that being said, I can't believe that isn't the standard thought the Milgauss generates, and I just had the opportunity to buy one in Dubai at 8k and still think about it today. There is something to be said about getting the oyster with polished centerlinks which you didn't discuss. If I am correct this is the most affordable option with that feature. It make me think of a luxury sport, like a yacht. Good vid. I've been buying Tudor lately, because I am over the hype, I just picked up a black bay and it feels equal quality to my sub, plus sometimes you only want to talk to true enthusiasts and not just "rich guys"

  6. The 114060 Sub will be a classic for the simple fact of being the first Subs to feature a ceramic bezel – anytime a first is introduced to a line historically does well later, add on that it has a wider set of lugs also which again people hate now, but with anything Rolex people will grow to like later.

    Sidenote: The Omega 2254 is a sleeper also.

  7. Personally I would choose either the Submariner or the GMT as I love the design and it's history. The Submariner has always been a part of my live/ my families history, as my father and my grandfathers all highly appreciate this watch and own different models.

  8. My first exposure to luxury watches was the submariner. It will always hold a spot in my heart. My grail would be a Daytona. I just love a chronograph! I can't explain why I can't get the Daytona out of my dreams.

  9. true :
    -Rolex submariner 41mm lunete verde ,it will always be hot,and this rolex is great replacment for kermit,because of this sub kermit will not be investmnt like people mean..
    -Rolex gmt rootbear it recognize like Clint Eastwood timepice,its famous movie timepice,Clint Eastwood is bigger person in movie world than Paul Newman and it’s posiblle that he will sell his private rootbear on auction,You have it for good price on Chrono24,
    -Rolex submariner from 1989 because this is most famous submariner ever produce and with biggest story,James Cameron buy sub in 1989 and with this submariner he wisit wreck of Titanic more than 10 times,he take Oscar for movie Titanic and he wear this watch when he made Titanic movie,he wear it 20years and than he give on gift one granny in jungle when he made avatar movie..
    -Rolex deep Sea D-blue 1.seria because this is first Rolex which have nickname of Rolex ambasador Cameron and diferent and amazing dial,1. seria is not wanted like second,but collectionars pay also for Rolex error so I decide for 1. Deep Sea d-blue,
    -Rolex deep sea Sea dweler 1. model black dial because Cameron wear this model when he go to deepest dive ,but afther few year Omega break record for deepest dive,it is posiblle that will this reference and his private watch go on auction for few years,its not wanted on this moment but its same story like Daytona Paul Newman in 1968,years change story…
    -Rolex explorer aniversary new model because of good price its more cool and bether than oyster perpetuall!

  10. I'd say it's the Oyster Perpetual, lots of choices and much more affordable (minus the Tiffany). It has been and will remain the entry Rolex for many people. By having a "larger" market, % price increase will be high while actual price will still remain significantly lower than popular sports models, thus obtainable.

  11. Great video and lucky to have some of these models – just by buying at the right time. I really feel for new watch fans wanting to get into the brand or for people wanting a Rolex as a special gift for someone.

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