Top 20 Casio Watches That Offer Incredible Value

In this video, I cover my top 20 Casio watches in 2021. This is a selection of some of the best Casio watches under 200 GBP. These pieces are some of the top Casio watches of all time, though there are some newcomers!

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0:00 – Intro Top 20 Casio Watches
0:51 – Digital Watches
6:26 – Multipurpose Analogue Watches
10:01 – Dress Watches
11:46 – Dive Watches
13:44 – Unusual/Rare Options

– Digital Watches –
A700 (33mm):
A700 (alternative strap):
AE1200 ‘Royale’ (45mm):
A500 (39mm):
G-Shock DW-5600 (43.5mm):
F-91W (33mm):
W-86 (36mm):
Gold Databank DBC611G:
Other Databank DBC-32:
Blue Databank featured CA-53WF (34mm):

– Multipurpose Analogue –
Edifice EFV-100D (40mm):
Edifice EFV-110D (35mm):
Lineage LCW-M100TSE (39.5mm):
Edifice EFR-S108D (39mm):
Edifice EFR-S107 (42mm):

– Dress Watches –
MTS-110 (39mm):
MTS-100L (40mm):

– Dive Watches –
MDV-106 ‘Duro’ (44mm):
Edifice EFR-130D (42mm):
MTD-1079D ‘Super-Illuminator’ (44mm):

– Unusual/Rare Options –
Beside BEM-SL100D-2A: Good Luck
AQ-230 (30mm):
MTP-1370 ‘Day-Date’ (38mm):
MTP-1302 ‘Datejust’ (38.5mm):

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Watches purchased with own money: F-91W, MTS-110, EFR-S108D, AQ-230, MTP-1370, MTP-1302
All others provided free of charge by Amazon for regular review videos. Amazon had no creative control over this video and all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Why did they discontinue the Bem Sl100d I kinda want one it looks very nice, what was the real price of it when it was in stock ?

  2. The person that made the decision to print "10 year battery" on the dial deserves to be lined up against a wall and shot.

  3. I suggest for the W-218, it's a cheap but good quality watch, sometime I wear that watch all day because it is lightweight, have all the functionality that I need. I have a gshock GA700, F94, A700 and a smartwatch, but I like the W-218 the most, good replacement for the F94 because of the bad led backlight.

  4. This is a total professional video. Why haven’t I found this channel before? All hail Casio!!! I’ve been wearing them since the 80’s.

  5. Accuracy always chronometer swiss made watches always other watches monthly + – second not accurate 100% fashion watches

  6. Casio digital watches especially Casio Illuminator, G-Shock, Pro-Track and World Timer were my favorite watches. Great reliability and value for monies even current smart watch can't match.

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