Top 10 Types of Watches To Avoid – Don't Buy A Watch Until You've Seen This!

In today’s video I share the top 10 types of watches to approach with caution, in order to minimize the risk of wasting your money. The following ten are not in order of importance but for reference only. Please feel free to share the watches you avoid buying in the comments below.

10. Replica or counterfeit watches. To find out more, watch this video:

9. Do it yourself modding projects before knowing what you’re getting yourself into. For more information, checkout the following video:

8. The Indian frankenwatch market

7. The grey market

6. High end watches you cannot afford to service

5. In-house complications or movements that you can not service or repair

4. Fashion watches. To learn affordable superior alternatives, check out the following video:

3.Vintage watches that will cost more than you are willing to pay to repair or service. Check out my recent video for a more in-depth look at this subject:

2. Luxury smartwatches in precious metals

1. Converted pocket watches

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