Top 10 Types of Watches To Avoid – Don't Buy A Watch Until You've Seen This!

In today’s video I share the top 10 types of watches to approach with caution, in order to minimize the risk of wasting your money. The following ten are not in order of importance but for reference only. Please feel free to share the watches you avoid buying in the comments below.

10. Replica or counterfeit watches. To find out more, watch this video:

9. Do it yourself modding projects before knowing what you’re getting yourself into. For more information, checkout the following video:

8. The Indian frankenwatch market

7. The grey market

6. High end watches you cannot afford to service

5. In-house complications or movements that you can not service or repair

4. Fashion watches. To learn affordable superior alternatives, check out the following video:

3.Vintage watches that will cost more than you are willing to pay to repair or service. Check out my recent video for a more in-depth look at this subject:

2. Luxury smartwatches in precious metals

1. Converted pocket watches

To watch the video I mentioned on the 10 questions you MUST ask when buying a used or vintage watch, click here:

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  1. 10 – 02:02 Fake or replica watches;
    09 – 03:07 The D.I.Y. modded watch;
    08 – 05:12 Indian Frankenwatches;
    07 – 07:41 The Grey Market;
    06 – 10:53 High-end watches which you can't afford to service;
    05 – 12:23 Complications which can only be serviced in house;
    04 – 13:39 Fashion watches;
    03 – 15:52 Vintage watches which you can't afford to service;
    02 – 16:49 Luxury smartwatches made in precious metals;
    01 – 18:18 Converted pocket watches

  2. Gordon from Calgary. First time watching well done. My self have an Caravelle electrotime set-o-mate, 1980. I was in a bike mishap in 1987 watch was o I don't know ruined I thought but held on to it. Then about 5 or 4 years ago I decided to take in to some one very good in repairs. He told me it was worth repairing and so I did. It works great now. I remember for years what I was going to do with it. It is really nice to have it working. It was Christmas gift from my parents. Thanks for listening, Gordon.

  3. Hi,
    I am in the retirement period (I am not so old) & I want to be a watch maker (=)).
    After many (so many) enjoyed videos I like to think that I can be one to switch service one simple pocket watch.
    Anyway …
    Tonight (I am from Romania … third world country – do not look on the net maps, if U have stupid government U R in third world country) I saw this video …
    I was thrilled.
    Thx for the channel.
    I will be one of the followers.

  4. You should only buy patek phillippe, rado, omega, A. Lange & Sohne or rolex watches. Please pay a lot of money to own the most expensive watches in the world, because that way you don't have to worry about the quality.

  5. Why are watches like steinhart so bad if the piece is appreciated for what it is and you don’t want to spend $10,000+ for stainless? Isn’t it ok to collect watches and also invest thousands elsewhere? Feel like making homage taboo alienates working people who will never afford Rolex/Patek/GS etc. asking respectfully as a long time sub 🙏🏼

  6. Grey market story. My Mrs wanted a Combat sub for herself. Nearest dealer was appointment only. Fine. But they were rude to her when she tried to make an appointment. So she got one from the grey. You can blame the watch manufacturing and dealing industries for the grey market entirely.

  7. I tried getting a pretty good mechanical watch (in my case, a sinn 856). It just wasn’t that accurate. It would lose maybe a minute a week or a little less. In the modem world it’s key to be precisely on time. I sold the Sinn on eBay at a slight loss, got a withings smart watch and it looks and works perfectly fine. Not saying it’s as cool as the Sinn but it is perfectly accurate afaict, and only needs to be charged up every month or so

  8. I just got i to the hobby and my mom pulled out a “Rolax” from a drawer, my dad was TDY in Thailand in the late 90s and was waiting for a bus or something next to one of the fake sellers. The guy tried to sell Dad who was polite and said no. The bus was late so they started talking about fakes and their quality levels, and so dad got a 5 dollar “Rolax.” He gave it to my Mom who swears it stopped working after 5 minutes. Hilarious, however i started to fiddle with it and soon realized that she didn’t notice it was a screw down crown. The thing took a wind no problem and started right back up. Keeps pretty good time, lol the only reason to have a fake is because it has a story. Would much rather have a Homage, but this is funny.

  9. New to the hobby. 40th birthday coming up and my wife suggested getting me a watch for my birthday. I’d liked the look of some of the Tissot chronograph watches. Are these considered “fashion” watches?

  10. How do you feel about modifying the cyclops so that I could better see the date? I understand only Rolex has the highest magnification of their cyclops and I want that magnification on my lovely titoni watch which I wear all the time. Currently it is really difficult for me to read my own watch's date indicator.

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