Top 10 Most Powerful Ben 10 Aliens

“Ben 10” has had plenty of strong aliens, but these are the most powerful! For this list, we’ll be looking at the aliens from the “Ben 10” franchise who have demonstrated powerful abilities and performed incredible feats. We’ll be considering the abilities of Omnitrix aliens, their respective races, as well as individual aliens not in the Omnitrix. Our countdown includes Atomix, the Petrosapiens, Vilgax, the Conductoids, and more! Which alien hero or villain do you think deserves the title of strongest? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. But I thought and decided after so many times that, after Alien X, UPGRADE is the strongest, was not willing to share,but for you guys!!🙂
    He can't die,neither get blasted like goop or anything and can take control over everything..!

  2. i miss this show, i was so young when i used to watch this everyday
    edit: i'd usually watch it with my dad and cousins and i never knew there was an actual story
    i thought it was just a kid with a cool watch fighting monsters by shapeshifting

  3. There is 1 alien missing and maybe they would be number 2 on the list. I don't know their names but there are aliens that appear on earth to retrieve a toy the child alien dropped here and almost dicimated the planet. They say on this episode that the "toy" is not recommended for children below 2 million years. This makes me think they could reduze this universe to nothing if they wanted.

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